Nier Replicant Ver.1.224 Broken Wristwatch Guide

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This Nier Replicant Broken Wristwatch Guide Ver.1.224 will show you where you can find broken wristwatches and how you can farm this weapon upgrade material. Weapon upgrade requires different upgrade materials, including broken wristwatches.

While you can find Broken Wristwatch in certain locations in the game, you can also farm them by using the save option and then returning to the location to choose a few more.

Nier Replicant Ver.1.224 Broken Wristwatch Guide

Below we detail where you can find broken wristwatches in the game and how you can farm them.

Where to find a broken wristwatch

Broken wristwatches are dropped through the armored curtains. These enemies can be found early in the game, where this upgrade material is first encountered when these enemies drop it. If you haven’t found one, head to the northern plains or the southern plains where you can find these enemies who can drop the broken wristwatch.

However, if you are looking to farm the broken wristwatches, you will have to advance to Part 2 of the story and then head to the northern or southern plains to find the armored curtains. Another specific condition for these enemies to appear is hunting them during partially cloudy weather conditions. Armored curtains are not generated when the weather is completely cloudy or cloudy.

When you collect the first five Broken Wristwatch materials, head to the Forest of Myths, where you can get the quest A Magic Stone. Completing this mission and then talking to the fortune teller will allow you to replay the prologue. This generates the armored curtains in which some have the possibility to drop the broken wristwatches so that you can collect and upgrade your weapons.

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