NIER: REPLICANT VER. 1.22474487139 WALKTHROUGH.The purpose of the prologue is to familiarize the player with the controls. Completing this episode is easy. Get rid of all Shadows in the location using the on-screen tips. This is a great place to get achievements for a 50-100 hit combo. During the battle, one by one, the Sealed Verses will appear. Try each Verse – these are magical attacks that the main character will unlock as the game progresses. After the prologue, you will lose them. Attack sensors will also appear. If someone has such a round seal with hieroglyphs on it, then this is your priority goal. Please note that in the prologue, as I understand it, you can only destroy the seal with the help of Sealed Verses (magical attacks). After destroying the Shadows, return to the building and interact with Sister Yona, who lies behind the shelf at the back of the store. You will find out that she is ill. The prologue is complete.

Act 1

The main storyline begins in Nira’s home village with Yona. Start with a conversation with your sister and go downstairs. Before leaving the house, you can collect all the glowing objects. The next destination at any time during the game is marked with a red cross on the map and minimap. If this cross is not there, you are probably inside the destination building. Press ESC, read the current goal and understand what you need to do in this building.

Chat with Devola, who sits at the fountain. Devola is the voice of the narrator that you occasionally hear in the background. Then head to the library along the path that leads up the hill. On the second floor, behind the door to the right of the stairs, is the office of Popola, Devola’s twin. Chat with her. Behind the door opposite there will be a room with shelves on which trophies will be stored after killing bosses.

Boss trophy room.

Popola will send Nir in search of lamb in the Northern Plains. You will also receive a map of this location. In addition, she will ask Nir to buy three medicinal herbs from the lamb customer (Medical Herb). As you try to leave the library, you will notice Yona inside. Talk to your sister, then leave the building and see a cutscene in which you will be introduced to the plot of the game and the villagers. Follow the marker to the north gate to enter the Northern Plains and complete Popola’s quest.

Northern plains

You can postpone the exploration of the Northern Plains until later, as you will visit here many more times. There is a destroyed bridge on the left, which will become available a little later. Rams and sheep are numerous animals that inhabit the Northern Plains. To get mutton, you need to kill and search the sheep. Try not to attack the animals from behind, as they can kick you with their paws. As soon as you kill them, search the carcasses to collect wool or lamb. Lamb is an important resource that comes in handy for other side quests and is generally useful if you want to make money. Therefore, it will not be superfluous if you collect a little more. In addition, you can get The Sheep Whisperer achievement if you kill 100 sheep. This can be done at any time in Act 1 while traveling in the Northern Plains. By the way, if you click on ESC and select the Orders section, whistle function can be detected. Nir’s whistle attracts all the sheep in the vicinity to him. We continue the passage of NieR: Replicant on the StopGame.Ru website.

At the beginning of the game, there are relatively few Shadows in the location. After collecting enough lamb, return to the village and find the quest giver inside the fortress. It will be a general goods trader who will take mutton in exchange for medicinal herbs. In the future, you can buy these herbs from the seller at any time. You can also buy a map of the Forest of Myths and the Eagle’s Nest from him. Be sure to do this as soon as you collect the required amount. After receiving the herbs, return with them to Popola.

Grimoire Weiss

Lost Temple

Take the Lost Temple Map from the drawer on the spiral staircase. Climbing up the stairs, go through the broken arch in front and find a locked door. The bronze key to this door is in a box five rooms to the right of the door itself. The rest of the boxes will be empty. Use the large door, open it with the key you found, go through a series of rooms, killing Shadows, and keep moving until you find a staircase. At the top of the platform, where a ladder leads, there is a box containing Nirvana’s dagger. Go through the doors to see a short panoramic scene. Go through the destroyed rooms and push the blue cube to the place where the broken staircase is so that you can jump onto the upper ledge. As soon as you go up there, go through the door frame and go downstairs. There’s a mailbox on the side which will keep progress. Enter the door to enter the book chamber.

Hansel and Gretel

Clear the area from Shadows. Eventually, Nir will receive the first Sealed Verse. A battle will begin with the bosses – the guardian statues Hansel and Gretel. Each of them has a protective barrier. If it is activated, enemies cannot move, but you cannot damage them either. The bosses will activate the barriers one by one, so while one creates it, focus on the other. Each of them can use a continuous charge to then charge forward at you. Time for evasion – a lot! This is the perfect moment for your melee attack after this attack, as the bosses will be temporarily stunned. When a seal appears on one of the opponents, focus on it to get rid of the first boss as soon as possible. Clear the room and run to Yona to watch the cutscene and return to the Village.

Gretel and Hansel.


Speak with Devola, who is at the same fountain in the village, and then head to chat with Popola to learn more about the song her sister is singing. According to legend from the Song of the Ancients, the white book of Grimoire Weiss and the Verses Sealed within it will resolve the chaos caused by the black book of Grimoire Noir. Nir’s new goal is to collect all the Sealed Verses in order to be able to rid Yona of the Black Scribble disease. Popola will offer to speak with the head of the Eagle’s Nest to find out more about the location of the Sealed Verses. Leave the library. Niru will be offered to activate the desired quests. Now is a great time to focus on the side effects of the village. But we will talk about them in a separate guide.

Eagle’s Nest

The entrance to Eagle’s Nest is located beyond the Northern Plains. It looks like a tunnel for carts and trains that you have to go through. In the area between Eagle’s Nest and the Northern Plains, a small tent can be found to explore. Grimoire Weiss will comment on this point. Continue through the tunnel towards the Eagle’s Nest. When you first visit this location, a cut-scene will start, in which you will be shown the Eagle’s Nest and the house of the local head.

Use the mailbox near the entrance before heading to the chief’s hut. Follow the suspension bridge to cross the canyon and land on the central platform. Go even further to the opposite wall. This place will be attacked, so kill the Shadows in your path. Passing the houses of local residents, Nir can hear various curses in his address. On the other side of the canyon, use the stairs on the right to go upstairs, walk in the opposite direction along the long suspension bridge and you will see the chief’s hut in front. This is the tallest hut in the village, to the right of your route. Once Nir crosses the bridge, head up the far stairs to the hut and try talking to the local leader. He will be unfriendly and rude, like everyone else in this place. Go back the same way,


This time on the way back you will find a girl named Kaine at the abandoned tent. She is immune to most magical attacks, so we recommend using melee attacks in the battle against her. She has her own magical powers, so be prepared to dodge. As soon as the girl loses a third of her health, the battle will be interrupted by the appearance of a huge Shadow monster. We continue the passage of NieR: Replicant on the StopGame.Ru website.


Hook is a Shadow reptilian who lives by the Eagle’s Nest and regularly wreaks havoc on the village. He shoots a shockwave across the ground that resonates in all directions from the place he hits with his paw. Get ready to jump over this wave. The boss also emits a scream that emits magic orbs. They can be destroyed in melee, restoring magic points. The seals will appear on the paws of the monster, so do not move too far in order to be able to quickly run up and deliver the required number of blows. Hook also spits out Shadow Orbs from time to time, which are fairly easy to get rid of. If you ignore them, they will turn into ordinary Shadows. Use the Sealed Poems when attacking the boss’s face, and also hit the paws in melee. Continue the battle until you deplete your health bar. Kaine will deliver the final blow to disarm the Shadow, and then he will lose consciousness. Waking up, the girl will get to know Nir better, and then ask him to leave. For defeating the Hook, you will receive another Sealed Verse.


Returning to the Northern Plains, you will be asked what to do next:

– Return to Popola with a report

– Check Yona

In any case, the storyline will develop the same way, but the conversation with Popola will add a few additional options. Check out Yona. Nir discovers that her sister is feeling worse. Go to Popola for advice. She will send the hero to the embankment for a shaman fish, which is said to have analgesic medicinal properties. Before heading to Primorye, it’s time to complete a few new side quests in the Village, as some of them involve visiting Primorye. The Boar Hunt quest will also allow Neer to travel further on these boars to traverse the great plains much faster. Travel to Primorye through the Southern Plains.

Southern Plains

On the Southern Plains, you can see a huge Shadow, but do not rush to approach it – if your level is low, then the Shadow can destroy Nir with one blow. Leave it for later. Also here you can meet a guard who fights off the horde of Shadows. Kill all the enemies around him and he will reward Nir with a new weapon – Moonrise. The southern plains lead to another location, the entrance to Emil’s mansion, but now it is closed, so you can kill poisonous spiders, collect resources, go back and go to Primorye.


Shaman fish

Nir will suggest asking the locals where to look for the shaman fish, but the only person you really need to talk to is an old fisherman at the marina of Primorye. Look for it near beaches. Talk to the man to get a fishing rod and bait. He will tell you to fish on the beach. You might think this is a beach next to the fisherman, but no. Head closer to the lighthouse through the cave to discover a hidden cove. Its location will be indicated by a “red cross” on the mini-map. Drop the line and pull the fish as soon as the float goes under the water. Repeat the steps until you catch the shaman fish. From the same fisherman, you can take a number of quests related to fishing in order to get several in-game achievements. If you have not encountered her earlier, then at the exit from the bay you will be forced to speak with an elderly woman, which will ask for a service – to pick up letters from the post office. This will begin a series of side quests in Primorye, and later you will learn that the woman is called Lady Lighthouse. If you wish, you can linger and complete tasks in Primorye. Then return to the village through the Southern Plains.


Give the Shaman Fish to Yona to be transported to the next morning. The sister will get better. Nir will want to chat with Popola to find out what to do next. But before leaving the house, talk to Yona to take her personal task from the girl – Yonah’s Home Cooking. Then chat with Popola, who will ask you to visit the Eagle’s Nest again, but before doing this, you need to improve the weapon. She will send Nir to the weapons store in the Junkyard, where 1000 gold will be needed. If there is no such amount, Popola will emphasize that you can fulfill the instructions of local residents. After chatting with Devola, you can start quests at the local tavern. Before leaving the library, make sure to talk to Popola about all topics and she no longer has secondary assignments for Nir.

Travel to the Junkyard beyond the Northern Plains in the northwest. In that place there is a cliff, and a large body of water with waterfalls. Go down to the remains of the railway bridge to find a staircase that you need to climb up. Follow up to the bridge, and go to the Garbage. It is located just outside the iron gate.


Two Brothers Weapon Shop

Enter the Two Brothers Weapon Shop , located just outside the entrance to the Junkyard. Here you will meet Jacob and Gideon. But you will be told that they do not have enough materials to upgrade Nir’s weapons, so first he must visit the Junkyard and collect resources. You need to find 3 titanium alloys. We continue the passage of NieR: Replicant on the StopGame.Ru website.


Titanium Alloy is a rare resource that drops from ground robots with red eyes. Destroy the robots inside the Junkyard until you have accumulated three titanium alloys, and then return to Jacob and upgrade Nir’s Nameless Blade. The junkyard is a great place to farm metal parts and rat tails, which will be needed for various tasks. While you are in the area, try to collect tails from the running rats.

Neer will then have to return to the interior of the Garbage, as he volunteers to find the missing mother of the twins. Jacob will provide the guy with the necessary elevator access codes. Enter the building and take the nearest elevator behind the door in front. Take it down to level B1. Clear every room from enemies. The first turrets will also appear. Some of the aisles will be blocked by wooden barriers. Bombs should be thrown at them, but remember that after the bomb is in Nir’s hands, the timer will start, and you will need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

A unique feature of the Junkyard is minecarts moving around the mine. Neer will have to use one of them to get to the other side. this route will be well protected by turrets and flying drones. Speed ​​up to avoid them, or slow down the cart if you want to linger and finish off all opponents. After leaving the minecart, go through the door on the right and clear the room from robots and turrets. Throw a bomb at the obstacle ahead. Blow up both obstacles, then take a running jump forward, double jump and dash with Shift. This is the only way to overcome this mine! Keep driving until you find a mailbox. Save your progress and get ready for a boss fight.

Defensive System Hepetto

Defensive System Hepetto will trigger an alarm related to illegal entry into the facility. The huge arms of the robot are its vulnerabilities. Attack them in close combat. If robots and turrets appear, switch to them so that they do not create obstacles in your quest to damage the boss and focus on his head. The robot’s head and fingers will fire lasers. You should avoid the patterns that your fingers create. Hands will float to the side of the torso and try to crush Nir. A shadow on the floor will tell you when to dodge. After you’ve dealt enough damage to the boss, a group of robots will appear that can shoot red orbs. If you can, smash them to replenish your magic points.

Hepetto system.

Remember the circular platforms, as they not only release new robots, but sometimes expand, turning into turrets that shoot magic orbs. Magic does not damage the robot’s head, but you can blow it up with bombs. You must pick up the bombs that appear and throw them into the boss’s mouth. Avoid the homing missiles first, and when the mouth is open, drop the bomb while dodging the laser. Defeating the robot will reward Nir with another Sealed Verse. In the next location, you will see the mother of the twins. Search the bodies and then return to Jacob and Gideon. You can choose what to say:

– She’s in Heaven

– I didn’t find her

It doesn’t affect anything. Only to the reaction of the brothers. It turns out that Jacob already knew about her secret lover. You can now return to the Brothers Shop at any time to upgrade your weapons. Having received the upgrade, you are now ready to re-visit the Eagle’s Nest, as mentioned by Popola. Go there.

Eagle’s Nest

On the way to the Eagle’s Nest, you will find Kaine fighting the Shadows next to her tent. Help her and she will tell you that the Shadows have invaded the local settlement. Move forward with Kaine, kill all Shadows and go past the mailbox. It will be unavailable. Go to the platform ahead to face the boss again. We continue the passage of NieR: Replicant on the StopGame.Ru website.


The hook uses the same sequence of attacks as in the first battle, except that this time it will move around different parts of the Eagle’s Nest. Niru will have to chase the monster, dealing with the Shadows that stand in the way. The second part will lead him to the pedestrian bridges. Kaine will say that she will handle it herself. Deal with the Shadow Orbs to move on to the next sequence. The hook will collide with Kaine on a large platform. Continue to destroy the Shadows, and then join your partner. Destroy the seals appearing on Hook’s paws, after which you will see another cutscene. The hook will release a hypnotic fog into Kaine, and the final stage of the battle will begin. Finish off the boss who will continue to spit out shadow spheres that shoot magic balls. Keep attacking the monster until the last seal appears. Finish off the enemy and then run to Kaine. Finally, the girl will join Niru, who will receive another Sealed Verse. Kaine recommends visiting a city in the desert, where they are trying to create a cure. This is your next de

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