Yesterday Origins: Walkthrough

Take a look around first. All control in the game is carried out by your mouse. Move the cursor in search of hot spots on the location. To interact with them, press the left mouse button. Click on the hog. You will see an enlarged image. Hold down the left mouse button while hovering over this image, and then move the mouse left and right to inspect the entire hog. There will be three active points – the head, belly and shackles on the hoof. You can study them. Left-click while keeping the cursor outside the window to hide it.

Click on the cell door on the left to look through it into the corridor. Click on the jailer sitting on the chair on the right side of the screen. Select the magnifying glass icon to inspect it. Rotate the jailer using your mouse while holding the left button. Inspect hotspots:

– Right cheek. You will see a scar on your face.

– Belly. You will notice red spots – these are the costs of the profession.

– Belt – buckle, the size of the head of the protagonist.

– Right hand. How many people were killed by these hands?

– Mug in the left hand. He’s drinking like it’s the last time.

Necessary items and objects in a prison cell.

Talk to the jailer about everything. Two icons will appear in the lower right corner. You will know that the jailer is a skeptic, as well as the reason why there is a chained hog with you in the cell. Move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen and click on the icon of the main character, the Duke. Examine it, turning in the same way as the jailer:

– Click on the face to find out about the absence of mirrors.

– Click on his right forearm to find out why his once luxurious clothes are now torn.

– Click on the right arm just below the elbow. This is clearly not a soldier’s hand!

– Click on the left palm to learn about the ability to use the left and right hands.

– Click on the left knee, in the area of ​​which the pants are perforated.

– Examine the shackles on the leg.

Return to the cell. See the shadowed light from the grating on the ground? Click on this light and watch the cut-scene. Tied to a rope, Alonso, the cook’s son, will fall into the cell. As you can imagine, he is dead. Examine him:

– Face. Another icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen with a photo of Alonso and the inscription “rag”.

– Click on the knot of the rope to untie it.

Next, examine the body lying on the ground. Click on the head to find the similarities between Alonso and the main character in both facial features and physique. Take the scroll from his chest. Click on the patches on the clothes, and then remove the small pouch from the belt. Inside you will automatically find a poisonous toad… Hover your cursor over the lower left of the screen when zooming out. Left-click on the scroll. Expand it to see the node. Untie the knot and remove the metal key (plate) from the scroll .

After that, inspect your hero again by clicking on his icon in the center of the bottom edge of the screen. Move the picture to his feet where the shackles are. When you see an active point on the shackles, then in the lower left corner of the screen (this is such an inventory), select the metal key found inside the scroll. So you will be free.

Next, examine the camera. Pick up the executioner’s tool from the floor – “boot” (wooden contraption with thorns). Take the metal rodthat rests on a timber beam. Examine the shelf on the far wall to the left of the fireplace. Zoom in and grab the mug and rag .

Examine the fireplace. Move the view to the fire and select the metal pole from your inventory. This will heat the tip. Go to the hog and inspect it again. Aim the camera at his belly, and then select the hot metal pole. The hog will scream, the jailer will get angry and throw his mug into the cell. Examine this mug.

In inventory, combine the poisonous toad and the mug found on the shelf. When asked why all this, click on the icon with the “question mark” and select the image of the jailer in the lower right corner of the screen with the inscription “Skeptic”.

This will rub the poisonous toad on the mug. Swap the circles by applying one to the other. Watch the cut-scene. The jailer imagines Satan with horns on a mug. He will say that he likes it. In the lower right corner of the screen you will see the image of Satan and the inscription “Devil”.

In general, there are some tips in the lower right corner. At the same time, you will use them to combine various objects and perform certain actions. For example, like the following.

Click on the icon of the main character, move the screen to his right hand so that a “hot” spot appears. Select the “boot” from inventory (torture tool). You will be asked why this is needed. First select the clue with the image of a hog and the inscription “Blood”, and then – a rag from the inventory (do not confuse with the hint at the bottom right of the screen). Apply the bloody rag on the dead Alonso’s face and select the hint “Devil”. Watch the cut-scene and opening credits of the game.

Mysterious saviors of John Estedey in the past.


Passage of Yesterday Origins on StopGame.Ru continues in John’s apartment. After waking up, select the phone in your inventory and click on the small button at the top left of the screen. Watch the video message to find out who you are. Soon Paulina, John’s girlfriend, will be out of the shower. Examine it from head to toe: left eye, tattoo on the right shoulder blade, white towel, lips. By the way, the first WWW prompt appeared in the lower right corner of the screen (this is the address of the site where John stores all information about himself).

Now you will be told that if there are two characters on the screen at the same time, then you can switch between them using their icons between the inventory and documents on the right (prompts).

You can examine John – right eye and hair.

Pick up from the curbstone near Johna gift from Boris – a gold coin with a hole in the shape of the letter Y (Yesterday is the nickname of John Esteday). Take from the same curbstone, but from its shelf, Paulina’s father’s diary . In the foreground there is a sideboard with two photo frames. You can examine them. The left photo shows Chock, who was John in a past life, and the right photo shows Paulina’s father, who was killed four years ago.

Note. Paulina and John will have different hotspots. Remember this.


Switch to Paulina. Examine the hair dryer on the left side of the sink. Look in the mirror to see the wrinkles on Paulina’s face. “Wrinkles” is Paulina’s first clue. It is impossible to live with such wrinkles, so Paulina decides to take a seemingly strange step. You need to kill yourself in order to be reborn young.

Check out the nightstand near Paulina’s feet. Take out a bottle of hairspray , a white hair dryer and go down to the shelf below to find a jar of cream . Examine all three items in your inventory! Open the bottom of the paint can to find the muffler . Click on the side button on the white hair dryer to get the gun . Open the lid of the cream jar to findcartridge . Combine the pistol with the silencer first, and then add the cartridge there. You have a loaded weapon. The sound of flowing water will be enough for John to not hear you. So, having collected the pistol and loaded it, click on the handle on the shower stall door (at the right edge of the screen). Select a loaded pistol with a silencer, and then the hint – “Wrinkles”. Watch the cut-scene.


We play as Paulina

So, we need to find the documents. We act in turn. Walk to the left edge of the screen and examine the shelves on the wall with a photograph of Paulina’s father. Click on the following items:

– Bust of Nefertiti on the top shelf.

– The jar with tassels is slightly to the right. You will take a new brush .

– Father’s photo.

– Find a small dark jar of ink for writing on the shelf below in its left part .

– On the same shelf, find and take a white can with a red symbol – this is a mascara fixer , with which it dries quickly.

– Slightly below you can examine the photographs attached to the wall with coins from John’s memories.

– Take the hammer from the bottom shelf…

Notable objects and objects in Paulina’s workshop.

Examine the chest on the right. Move the bolts on the right and left sides. Try to remove the central constipation, but it has soured. Be sure to use a regular hammer so that Paulina is afraid to damage the bolt and says that you need a rubber tool. You will be prompted “Rubber Hammer” .

Through the green door you can go outside. Examine the black suitcase in the far left corner. Inside it are security devices for tracking the object. Look at the statue to the right. At the bottom there are three characters with hieroglyphs. There is another statue to the right. You can also look at the umbrella lamp, which is used for lighting during photography.

If you talk to John in the building to the left of the minibus, he will say that the camera is inside the chest. To open the chest, you need a plastic hammer. John doesn’t know where he is. Go outside and chat with Boris standing by the minibus. Ask for a plastic hammer . Boris will give it to you. Go back inside the house on the right and look at the chest. Aim the camera at the bolt and gently knock it out with a plastic mallet.

Take out the camera and magnifying glass of Paulina’s father from the chest…. Consider the statue with the hieroglyphs. It is necessary to photograph the active points on it. Try to apply the camera to any point on the statue. Sorry, no SD card is available. Go to John and talk to him. Ask for a memory card. He will say that he does not have it, but he could look. Switch to John.

Play as John

You can use your laptop and apply the WWW hint on it. There are photographs on the site, studying the information about which you can find out the plot of the first part.

Notable items and objects in John’s first room.

PS After that, an additional line with the name of the site will appear in the pause menu (Esc key) –

Examine the items in the center. John will say that all of this has already been sold. There is a small wooden box on top of the cardboard box. Take it as it is not on the list of sold items. Go through the double wooden door in the background of the screen. In the room with the long counter, take a closer look at the chandelier and chandelier on the left. Next to the latter there will be a box with books and colored paper. Take the colored paper with you from the drawer. In the same drawer, but at the bottom, find and take away the business card of John and Paulina’s antique store. Examine the printer on the table. Out of ink. You will be presented with a new “Cartridge” prompt .

The necessary objects and items in the second hall of the museum.

There is a picture hanging to the right of the table with the printer (to the left of the door). There is a shelf with Aztec figures under it. Between it you will find a smoking pipe , which is the perfect gift for the smoker -loving Baxter. But now it cannot be placed inside the box (box).

Back out and head up the stairs. You can open another door, but it leads to an attic with an unnecessary picture. There is a Celtic cross to the right of the door. Study it. Click on the gear, the center circle with four holes, and finally the base of the cross. John will remember that Petit hid his diary inside the cross. You will be prompted “Cross” .

Go outside and talk to Boris. Ask for ink, he will give them to you. Follow the printer in the back room and apply ink to it. You will print the Victoria Baxter monogram.

Follow the building towards Paulina. Talk to her. Apply a smoking pipe or monogram on it. John will ask you to paint the Baxter monogram on the smoking pipe. Paulina will ask him for a smoking pipe and a sample that you have already printed. Otherwise, you have to do it.

Talk to Paulina about everything. It is very important that you have previously examined the entire Celtic cross in the laptop room and received the “Cross” prompt. Then you can tell Paulina about the cross. Paulina will now have the “Cross” clue . You can choose the WWW hint to talk about John’s site.

We play as Paulina

In inventory, combine the smoking pipe and Paulina’s father’s magnifying glass that you got from the chest. Add to this the brush and ink bottle found on the shelf on the left side of the screen. Add the monogram with the letter “B” you received from John. After drawing the monogram on the tube, combine it with the retainer in the white can, which, like the ink brush, was on the shelves on the left. Talk to John and select the smoking pipe to give to Paulina’s boyfriend.

We play as John

In the inventory, select a box (casket), and then – a smoking pipe with the letter “B”. It is important to choose in this order, and not vice versa. Then select the colored paper and business card found in the box in the far room, on the table where the printer is located. The gift for Baxter is ready!

Examine the laptop, move the camera so that the SD memory card sticking out from the side is pulled out . Talk to Paulina to give her memory card.

Play as Paulina

So now you need to take a photo of the statue of Nio. To do this, combine the camera and SD memory card in your inventory, and then use the device on Nio’s statue. You will have photos on your memory card. Next, you need to find the certificate.

IMPORTANT! John had to examine the Celtic Cross on the second floor by the door. Inspect all active points so that the “Cross” appears in the tips in the lower right corner of the screen. After that, John talk to Paulina so that this clue will be transferred to her. It will be necessary to talk about the cross.

Paulina inspect the statue of Nio and go down to the very bottom, where there are three circles with hieroglyphs. Apply the “Cross” hint to these three circles. You will realize that your father hid the certificate of authenticity for the Nio statue right here. But how do you find the right combination?

Examine the shelves on the left for a bust of Nefertiti. There is also a photograph of Petya, Paulina’s father. Click on the photo. The girl will remember that Petit considered three dates the happiest in his life. You will be prompted “Years” . Apply this clue to the circles with the hieroglyphs on the statue of Nio. You will open a secret door from where you can collect the Certificate of Authenticity (document) .

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