Titanfall 2: Walkthrough

Location of all pilot’s helmets

The pilot’s helmet is a collectible in the story campaign of the action game Titanfall 2. There are 45 such helmets to be found in the game. Read more about the location of all collectibles in our guide at StopGame.Ru.


In Titanfall 2’s first tutorial mission, Obstacle Course, you can only find one pilot’s helmet. On the left side of the exit from the training area, you can find a platform floating in the air. Use the wall to climb onto the platform and take the first helmet from the pilot.

Pilot helmet # 1.

MISSION 2. BT-7274 (2/2)

In total, in the second mission “BT-7274” Titanfall 2, you can find two helmets of the pilot.

Go outside to find the BT battery. Move to the control point on the map. In addition to alien creatures, you can find a crashed escape pod in the gorge. Next to this capsule, on the right, is the second helmet of the pilot. This collectible is almost impossible to miss.

Pilot’s helmet # 2.

Once you find and pick up the third battery (battery) for replacement, then go back outside. You should find a part of the crashed ship right in the side of the cliff, at its top. From the left side. A pilot’s helmet can be found on what is left of the spaceship. Use wall run and double jump to collect the collectible.

Pilot’s helmet # 3.


In the third mission of the game, you can find a total of six pilot helmets.

Go through the massive sewer entrance and turn to the right and follow through the pipe-shaped tunnel. Behind the grate on the left side, almost immediately you will notice a blue object – this is the pilot’s helmet. Notice the large pipe in front, just below the ceiling. A red light is still visible to the left of it. In the screenshot below, you can see both the pipe and the light bulb above the grate. Run up the wall and jump to be on the back of the pipe and use it to get into this closed area with the fourth helmet of the pilot.

Pilot’s helmet # 4.

Stop at the entrance to a large hall with a ceiling fan in the back and a control room on the left. Leave Titan. Follow the stairs on the right side. Climb higher to another set of stairs at the right wall. There is a huge cylindrical vat that you can jump onto. Climb from the platform to the top of this vat to find the fifth helmet.

Pilot’s helmet # 5.

Leave your Titan to go through the large pipe shaft afterwards. Run to your comrades in the next cell. When you enter the room, you will notice that there is a bridge on the left side, at the top. Use wall run and double jump to get to this barely visible spot with the pilot’s sixth helmet.

Pilot helmet # 6.

At the location where you will fight robots against aliens, you will need to go through a large chamber with acid spilled on the floor. Turn left, go through the next set of doors. In this chamber, the pilot’s helmet will be located on the pipe in the far left corner. Use double jump, left wall run and another double jump to get it.

Pilot helmet # 7.

Open the door to the room with two drones (Entrance 13). Run along the wall and jump to climb the yellow pipes at the top, opposite the entrance. Run along the wall through the sign that says Intel 13. Then move to the opposite wall. Double jump to jump onto the bridge, where the pilot’s helmet will be.

Pilot helmet # 8.

In the next room, jump onto the first inner ring by the wall to climb to the top level of the sewage drain. At the upper level, run along the wall and make a double jump, climbing higher and higher, repeating the actions until you reach the desired drain, where the pilot’s helmet is.

Pilot helmet # 9.


In the fourth mission of the game, you can find a total of nine pilot’s helmets. In this case, the chapter is divided into three different parts. The first part has four helmets for the pilot, the second part has three helmets, and the third has two.

Part 1

In the first large and open cave in which you find yourself, walk along the right wall (on the right side of the central island) to find a small dark niche. Inside it will be the pilot’s helmet. Leave your Titan and collect the collectible.

Walk along the left wall, where on the left side of the central island in the same chamber there will be a large “ragged” crack. Use the pilot to go through this hole and then make your way to the protruding rocks covered with plants on the right side.

In a long tracked corridor where objects in metal frames move, there is a ledge on the left side overlooking a cave. At the end of this hall there is a passage forward, and on the left side there is a narrower path. Follow it, leave Titan and use the white pillars to climb up to the block of pipes built into the rock. Climb to the top of the pipes and go around to the left to find this well-hidden pilot’s helmet.

In the cargo bay room (where you will find the Titan Beast package), leave your Titan at the landing pad. On the right side of the parked vehicle, look down into the abyss to find a massive black pipe. Jump onto this tube to peer under the landing pad – the pilot’s helmet is located there. Run down the pipe (like a wall), double jump and run over the landing pad posts to get to the collectible.

Part 2

At the location where you will lose contact with the Titan, look to the right side before crossing the pipe bridge at the beginning of the mission. The pilot’s helmet sits on a crooked rock. Use the large vertical pipe to run along it (like a wall) and get to the collectible.

At the location with large pallets of growing grass, on the slate, move to the platform and look to the left, towards the area with a lot of bridges. Jump onto the bridge and run up the right path. Continue upward, following the diagonal concrete wall to the loading bay with large blue containers. At the top of the blue containers, turn around to see pipes with a collectible. Run along the wall under the ceiling to get to this place.

Continue to ride on the platform, the structure will soon connect to the rest of the structure. Climb up and get out, then go to the diagonal structure that is mounted to the wall. When you get to the bridge, run through the stone wall to find a collectible.

Part 3

Leave the dome to enter a massive chamber with three black cylinders. The pilot’s helmet is clearly visible on the middle cylinder. Use the switch to find the platform, then climb up the new ledges to pick up the floating object.

Using the moving walls, cross the chasm and return to Titan. Look to the right of the entrance to the battlefield. At the edge of the abyss, right on the rock lies the pilot’s helmet. We continue to describe the location of all pilot helmets in Titanfall 2 on StopGame.Ru.


In the fifth mission of the game, you can find a total of eight pilot’s helmets. The mission is divided into two parts. In the first part there are only two helmets, while in the second there are six of them.

Part 1

When you reunite with Titan at the very beginning and talk to him, look down from the ledge. The pilot’s helmet is next to the large sign “02” depicted on the building. Go down to the street and run along the wall, then jump to get to the desired item.

Pilot helmet # 10.

Continue down the street. Soon you will find the helmet in a lighted area, on a lamp post, which is in the immediate vicinity of the REACTOR FACILITY doors. Run along the wall along the building to get to the top of the lantern.

Pilot helmet # 11.

Part 2

In a room with four elevators through which opponents appear, enter the last one on the left side in the hall (in the past tense) before returning to the present. Double jump to get higher, then switch the time once, and a little later another time. Look up. You can now run along the wall and jump onto the ledge to get to the collectible.

Pilot helmet # 12.

After viewing Anderson’s recording inside the Ark, you will reach a glass-floor corridor (formerly). Switch now to find a floating collectible. Run along the wall of the burning passage (corridor) to collect this collectible. It cannot be picked up in the not yet destroyed version of this object.

Pilot helmet # 13.

In the underground area with turrets (in the past), go now to remove these weapons. After passing the place where the turrets were installed, look at the ceiling to find a round container (a round room if you like). Jump into this container and switch back to find the pilot’s helmet you want. The audio diary will also be located here in the present tense.

Pilot helmet # 14.

In the large cryo storage room, you will find the pilot’s helmet in real time. Switch between past and present to jump over platforms and reach a collectible.

Pilot’s helmet # 15.

Walk back to the back of the large cryo storage room. Next to the exit, you will see a wall, which is located to the left or right depending on the selected time. So you have to run along that wall, then jump to the right or left and switch the time to land on the wall on the other side. About halfway through the past time, you will be able to get close to the flying helmet of the pilot.

Pilot helmet # 16.

After you run along the platforms (like a wall), you will reach a glass wall. Before running this wall towards the exit, switch to the present. Pick up the pilot’s helmet by running over the glass wall.

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