What Is Mythology;5 Facts About Greek Mythology

The Mythology is the study of myths, heroes and supernatural characters,who control the forces of nature,  rays, winds, rivers, skies and lands, sun and moon.  It is usually a narrative, in which symbolic language is used, which seeks to describe the origin and assumptions of some culture, and explain the creation of the world, the universe.

The most known mythologies are as follows:

  • Greek mythology
  • Roman Mythology
  • Greco-Roman Mythology
  • Egyptian Mythology
  • Mesopotamian Mythology
  • Norse mythology
  • Hindu Mythology
  • African Mythology
  • Persian Mythology
  • Mythology Phenicia
  • Mythology

What Is Mythology And Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is the story of countless immortal gods, semi-divine creatures and muses.Greek mythology emerged as an attempt to explain natural phenomena.The main purpose was to explain some facts, such as the origin of life, the afterlife, or even the phenomena of nature.

Greek mythology is permeated by numerous mythological figures. Among the most important are:

  • Heroes : considered the demigods, that is, sons of gods with humans. Of the Greek heroes stand out: Perseus , Theseus and Bellerophon .
  • Nymphs : female mythological figures always beautiful and cheerful and who took care of the forests. For example, the Alseides, flower nymphs and forests; the Dryads, nymphs of the oaks; the Nereids, water nymphs.
  • Mermaids : female figures who sang and had a body of fish. They could be represented with wings and head and bust of woman, just like the Harpies.
  • Centaurs : hybrid and strong beings with half human body and half horse. It stands out Chiron, friend of Herácles created by Cronos.
  • Satyrs : they had a man’s body with goat’s feet and horns. They correspond to the fauns of Roman mythology. Of the Greek satyrs stands out: Pan, the God of the woods.
  • Gorgons : female figures who possessed hair of snakes, for example, the Medusa.

 Main Gods of Greek Mythology

  • Zeus : The supreme god of heaven.
  • Hera : protective goddess of women, weddings and maternity.
  • Poseidon : god of the seas and oceans.
  • Hades : god of hells, dead and underground.
  • Aphrodite : goddess of love, sex and beauty.
  • Hestia : goddess of home and heart.
  • Apollo : god of sunshine, music, poetry, the arts, male beauty and divination.
  • Artemis : goddess of hunting, chastity, light and wildlife.
  • Ares : god of war.
  • Eros : god of passion, sex, love.
  • Athena : goddess of wisdom, justice, the arts, war and serenity. Considered the protector of the city of Athens.
  • Cronos: god of time.
  • Demeter : god of harvest and agriculture.
  • Persephone : queen of the underworld and goddess of flowers and fruits.
  • Dionysus : god of feasts, of pleasure and wine.
  • Hermes : god of commerce and communications; messenger of the gods, protector of merchants and travelers.
  • Hephaestus : god of fire, metals and work.
  • Gaia: goddess of the earth.
  • Bread: god of the forests, of the woods, of the fields, and of the shepherd

How can we learn from mythology?

The mythology is present in our day to day business. Many painters, writers, musicians and film writers take inspiration from these fantastic stories to create their works.

Some famous movies about mythology:

  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, where the protagonist kills Medusa, Greek goddess, using his tablet.
  • Troy, where Brad Pitt gives life to Achilles, one of the best-known characters in Greek mythology.
  • Thor, tells the story of the Nordic hero.

Myths are fantastic stories created by people to understand the world around them. At a time when science could not explain much, the gods were  making the crops grow, the rain falling, and the sun rising every day.But myths can teach us much more.It is the mythology that tells us, through stories, the origin of how everything came about, the reason for everything to be as it is.

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