What Is Diary;Why Do You Need To Write In Diary

What Is Diary?The word diary derives from the Latin darrium, which means “day”. In fact a diary is written on daily basis for to describe  experiences, adventures and every important event of life. Language which is used in diary is personal, informal, simple and colloquial.

What Is Diary;Why Do You Need To Write In Diary

What Is Dairy;How You Should Write A Dairy

  1. First of all, the date on which you write and the place from which you are writing must be noted at the top, then associate an event with a place in the world with date in order  remember what we want to reflect on paper.  
  2. If you want, you can direct the diary page to an imaginary friend, but it is optional.
  3. You generally start with an introductory phrase like “Dear Diary” and then start immediately writing.
  4. In the first part the topic is briefly introduced.
  5. In the central part the facts are told in more detail, talking about sensations, feelings and emotions.  
  6. At the end, you can use friendly phrases and friendly greeting, like “tomorrow”, “a hug”, and finally the signature. 

The Diary is a type of personal text in which a person reports experiences, ideas, opinions, desires, feelings, events and facts of daily life.

The main characteristics of the diaries are:

  • Personal reports
  • True Stories
  • Event Log
  • First Person Writings
  • Records in chronological order
  • Intimate and confident character
  • Subjectivity and spontaneity
  • Confessional writing
  • Simple vocabulary
  • Presence of vocative
  • Informal language
  • Texts signed

The structure of a diary


It is usually started with “My Dear Diary” since it is not written for a specific person.


The date is an essential part of a diary.


It is the part in which the information will be recorded in detail.


Finally, there is the presence of the signature, which serves to evidence the author (s) of the text.

Diary Example

“Sunday, June 14, 1942 
I’ll start from the time I won you when I saw you at the table in the middle of my other birthday presents. (I was together when you were bought, and with that I did not count.)

On Friday, June 12, I woke up at six o’clock, which is not surprising; after all, it was my birthday. But they will not let me rise at this hour; so I had to control my curiosity until fifteen to seven. When I could not wait, I went into the dining room, where Moortje (the cat) welcomed me, rubbing my legs. “

The Diary of Anne Frank 

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