My Summer Car: codes and console commands

Here is a list of My Summer Car cheats and console commands. You can type any of these commands in the GUI menu and then press Enter to get the desired effect.

  • Save

This console command will instantly save the game.

  • Weat

If you want to change the weather in the game, use this command.

  • Rbed

To get some sleep, use this command.

  • Rtra

To return the tractor to your home, you can use this console command.

  • Rvan

You can also return the van to your home using this command.

  • rcar

Satsuma is a car in the game that you can bring to your home with this console command.

  • Keke

Using this command, you will become immortal in the game.

  • Poor(***)

If you want to add some money to your account use this command. When using this command, you must replace the asterisk with a number. For example Poor1000 if you want $1000.

  • Date(*)

You can even change the day in the game with this console command. When entering the command, you must replace the asterisk with the specific date you want to switch to.

  • Time(**)

If you want to rewind time in the game, use this console command.

  • Sale

This command will instantly take you to the store.

  • Drage

Drag racing is one of the most interesting things in the game and you can directly go to the drag runway with this command.

  • iefa

If your car is damaged and you want to have it repaired immediately, you can take it to a repair shop using this command.

  • Hemo

Enter this console command and go straight to home.


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