Mulberry: what it is and its benefits

The Mulberry is a very widespread plant and we find it easily in the countryside and in agricultural areas.Mulberries are fruits originating in Asia but are also very common in Africa.The white mulberry ( Morus alba ) is native to China; red mulberry ( Morus rubra ) comes from the eastern United States and black mulberry ( Morus nigra ) from western Asia. 

What are the nutritional properties of mulberry blackberry?

100 g of black mulberry bring about 43 Calories and the following substances:

    1.44 g of protein

    0.39 g of lipids

    9.80 g of carbohydrates

    1.7 g of fiber

    36.4 mg of vitamin C

    0.87 mg of vitamin E

    7.8 µg of vitamin K

    25 IU of vitamin A

194 mg of potassium

    39 mg of calcium

    18 mg of magnesium

    10 mg of sodium

    1.85 mg of iron

    0.12 mg of zinc

    60 µg of copper

    0.6 µg of selenium

    0.620 mg of niacin

    0.101 mg of riboflavin

    0.050 mg of pyridoxine

    6 µg of folate

12 µg of alpha-carotene

9 µg beta carotene

136 µg of lutein / zeaxanthin


The properties of mulberries

Its fruits are rich in beneficial properties and contain a lot vitamin C . A, E, K, also possess considerable amounts of antioxidants, they are considered natural mineral salts replenishers.Mulberry Blackberries contain a significant amount of iron, selenium, zinc, calcium, potassium and magnesium, resveratrol, phenol protein and flavonoids. They have antibacterial, protective, laxative, diuretic, antioxidant properties.

Mulberry blackberries

They are harvested during the summer season (from the end of May to July). The mulberry blackberry is a very delicate fruit but with remarkable properties, so we recommend its fresh consumption. Being excellent natural supplements of mineral salts. We recommend some methods to exploit their use in cooking and consumption by enhancing them to the fullest by making slushes, popsicles or preparing a tasty jam.

White mulberry blackberries are also useful in preventing diabetes Mellitus 2. In fact, its most interesting and effective uses of white mulberry, we find the antidiabetic action, a study by the Guangdong Faculty of Pharmacy, in China, showed that polysaccharides Active fruit may help against type 2 diabetes mellitus

Some tips in the kitchen: Sicilian Granita

Today we prepare granita with black mulberry blackberries


  • 1 kg of mulberry blacks
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 200 grams of whole cane sugar.


We take all the blackberries and wash them then we will dry them on a cotton cloth, then gently pass them through the mill. Squeeze the lemon and add it to the mulberry pulp. Pour half a liter of water into a large pot and add the brown sugar and bring it to the boil, keeping the flame low.Let the syrup cool and we will add the mulberry pulp, ready-made,Mix everything very well and put all the mixture in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Then pour it all into your ice cream maker, making it become granita. Here your mulberry blackberry granita is read

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