How much does your inner peace cost?

Jesus knew how to have inner peace

Today, I came across a biblical passage that struck me as comical. It is the passage in which Jesus, after a while outside his city, returns to Nazareth, where he had grown up. On Saturday, he taught in the Temple as usual, when people began to doubt Him, and Jesus said, “A prophet is not admired in his homeland.” Those people were enraged and took the Lord to the top of a hill with the intention of throwing Him away. What did Jesus do? Have you spent energy in anger? Did you plot to get revenge? Or worried about your self-image? No! “Jesus, however, passing among them, continued on his way.” That simple. “Boaça”, in inner peace. Life goes on!

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Jesus knew the way

He was not walking like a wanderer, who does not know where he is going, that any path will do. He knew very well where he was going. There was intelligence, strategy in the things that He did. However, there was only way, because there was a goal. And here is the most important point: when you have a goal, the little distractions on the way do not steal our energy or our attention! An intelligent person chooses for what causes it is worth spending time along the way.

There are people who are cranky with themselves and with others, and they imply everything, they are obsessed with the law, they show a vain perfection, an empty and self-referential sanctity. There is also that guy who collects grudges and annoyances, that everything has to be your way, otherwise, it sucks! All of this makes them implicit, judgmental, scheming, competitive and petulant. They are people who have high energy consumption and vitality; and everything that the other does otherwise robs him of peace.

Pope Francis, in the Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Esultate , says that if we look at the other’s defects and limits with tenderness and meekness, without feeling superior, we can lend a hand and still avoid spending energy on useless lamentations. We can apply that look of mercy also on ourselves, with our limits. How many times do we need to give ourselves a hand and say to ourselves: are we going to try one more time?

Nothing is worth our peace

We cannot stop at all the obstacles that appear before us. Even if our obstacle is ourselves or the other with his different way of doing things, his defects, his envy, his speaking ill of us, his desire to kill us. None of this is worth our peace.

See Jesus’ attitude towards those who wanted to play him down the bank: “passing among them, he continued on his way”. Sometimes we just need it, go through, leave things behind, take no notice of what we don’t deserve, stop the storms in a glass of water, ask for forgiveness, forgive and focus on what is worthwhile. In what we define as a life goal.

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People without goal only draw

Do you have any life goals? Without a goal it ties the lives of others. In the exhortation already mentioned, the Pope says: “What are the two riches that do not disappear? Certainly two: the Lord and the neighbor ”. See that we cannot be a wealth to ourselves. So now we know where we should have the courage to invest our lives.


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