Most common Facebook Pay problems and how to fix them quickly?

This platform or tool is becoming more and more relevant. Given the huge number of users who register and choose to use it, Meta is constantly growing . So much so, that it is now possible to promote advertising campaigns without having to opt for third-party applications.

But could it be that Facebook Pay for companies or personal businesses is infallible? The reality is no. This, like other methods,  tends to have drawbacks . The curious thing is that despite being typical, many of them have a solution by the user. That is why today you will know everything related to this topic.

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  1. Why can I get an error when making payments with Facebook Pay and what should I do about it?
    1. My Internet or Facebook servers have failed
    2. my card was declined
    3. Facebook Pay is not available in my country
  2. How to contact support if the problem is not solved?

Why can I get an error when making payments with Facebook Pay and what should I do about it?

On many occasions it is not related to platform failures, but rather to misuse of the platform or a bad configuration. In fact, not having enough funds is a sure reason for Facebook to decline a payment or cancellation method.

Luckily, this provides us with  solutions for ad accounts that are experiencing issues. Now, as for the solutions that you can use, you can focus on the following points:

My Internet or Facebook servers have failed

It is possible that, at the moment of finishing the cancellation process , the connection is not stable. This usually causes a network failure and therefore the request does not reach the servers as it should.

To understand it better, imagine that, when paying, you send a request to Facebook which contains information. If it does not arrive complete, the service will bounce your order and the error will be generated. What you can do about it is to change your internet provider or activate a much more reliable network.

In case you have a mobile with a good data service, you will be able to turn your device into a router and surf the internet. This tends to be a temporary alternative that you will only use when your network fails and you want to make a payment or cancel a campaign or product.

my card was declined

This inconvenience is easy to solve. All you have to do is verify your bank account . Thus, you can make sure that the card is not disabled or has unpaid debts. Although the rejection can also be due to the fact that some of the data or digits have been entered incorrectly. Therefore, you have to avoid getting something as simple as a number or character wrong.

In any case, you can try to make a payment with a minimum amount of money , but with the same card details. You can choose between  Facebook Pay vs Google Pay to make the comparison. In case it doesn’t work for you, make an attempt with your same data, but from another account other than yours. In this way, you will be reducing the possibilities.

Facebook Pay is not available in my country

If this situation is happening to you, unfortunately there is not much to do. This is a service that is still expanding, so it is not available in all countries of the world.

At the moment it is only enabled for 40 Latin American countries . Although it also exists in some parts of the Asian, African and European continent. In any case, you can verify the service from the official website.

Now, assuming the case that it is not available for your location, you will have to contact a third party. This is something that is often used by many, but it carries a risk. You have to know who to contact and know their work history. Otherwise, you can be a victim of theft, which is not favorable for you or for anyone.

How to contact support if the problem is not solved?

The Facebook support page is a good alternative to find solutions to your problems. In it you will find articles that talk about the most common topics that users usually present.

Similarly, there are sections that focus only on the difficulties that companies have when using Facebook Pay. In fact, there are sections that explain the steps you must follow to make a correct configuration of your account when making payments.

You also have the possibility of contacting the company directly. Of course, this method is rarely used due to the huge number of users who have the same problem as you. The email service is not as effective in resolving conflicts and doubts that may be had.

On the other hand, you have a huge variety of articles that can help you, as long as you follow the instructions as they should be. We recommend that you rule out possibilities. This will make it much easier for you to find a solution and that you can pay for your products or services without any inconvenience.


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