5 most common problems in laptops

When choosing a computer, many people prefer to use a laptop instead of a desktop one since they are much lighter and more comfortable to use, and we can take it with us anywhere such as to work or study. However, notebook computers can sometimes suffer from different failures that affect their operation or performance.

That is why we bring you a list with the five most common problems of laptops along with different solutions.

Battery failures

One of the most common problems has to do with the computer’s battery. After years of use, laptop batteries can start to fail and wear out sooner, having less useful life. One way to save battery is by closing different programs that the laptop has open in the background . Another option is to keep the brightness to a minimum or activate the power saving mode.

Laptops generally notify you when the battery is low so you can plug it in and start charging. But if the battery is damaged, your laptop can be turned off directly and without warning.

In the event that your battery can be removed and inserted, you can always choose to buy a new battery and thus avoid these types of problems.

Slowness while we use it

One of the most common problems is that the computer works very slow while we use it. This can happen due to having too many unnecessary programs and files installed, which it is advisable to delete them to free memory and improve performance.

Using an external hard drive is a good option to free up a lot of GB of data without losing it.

Takes a long time to start and shut down

Related to having files that are not useful, this can lead to another problem which is the slowness when starting and shutting down the computer.

In addition to eliminating everything that we do not use, we can also go to the ” Task Manager ” option and click on the ” Start ” screen . From here, we can eliminate all the processes we want so that they disappear when starting the computer and leaving only what is essential, thus gaining speed and freeing the memory device.

Won’t connect to a Wi-Fi network

On many occasions our device may not connect to a Wi-Fi network . This can occur for various reasons such as that the network card of our computer has stopped working.

It may also be that we have inadvertently activated airplane mode or that our device’s Wi-Fi has been disconnected inadvertently . Sometimes the problem can also be the router, and restarting it should be enough for our laptop to connect to the Internet again.

It turns off by itself

Another very common problem is that the computer just suddenly shuts down , and the battery does not have to be the culprit for this. Many times this can happen because the system is overheating. It can also happen that it does not turn off, but that the screen locks or freezes on numerous occasions.

The accumulation of dust and dirt on the computer fan is one of the main reasons why our computer can overheat.

To end this problem, you can buy platforms on which to place the laptop that have fans and connect with a USB. You can also blow through the ventilation grille of the computer, although we will do the latter as long as the laptop is turned off.

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