Mitonner cooking

French term that defines a type of cooking, originally referred to only one food, although over time it has been used as a synonym for mijoter .


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French culinary dictionary

The French culinary dictionary reveals several terms with which a specific moment or characteristic of a cooking method is identified or described, much more concrete than what we can define with a single word in our language. Let’s remember that not long ago we were describing what it means

  • frémir : it is the state of the liquid with which it is going to be cooked and it must be at the point prior to boiling .

Other terms

The term mitonner has an original meaning, but over time it has been modified, nowadays it has a broader use in cooking than its nature, becoming almost a synonym for mijoter, a French voice that we will shed on another occasion.

Originally mitonner defined a way of cooking a few slices of seated bread, loaf of bread, or similar, from previous days, something dry and hard. Mitonner means simmering these slices of bread in a soup or broth for a long time, so that the bread absorbs the liquid, hydrates and softens, and the soup is more consistent.


refers to the simmering of hard bread in soup or broth, this term is used in many cases interchangeably with mijoter, whose meaning is simply simmering food. We mentioned the mijoter point when we talked about the Poaching cooking method .


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