What Is Miscegenation;10 Things You Must Know

Miscegenation is the process generated by mixing different ethnicities . Mixed human beings have physical characteristics typical of several “races”.The individual who is born from ethnic miscegenation.From a global point of view, miscegenation is considered to be the union between the three main ethnic groups on the planet: white, black and yellow (the indigenous people being classified in this last group).

Currently, it is estimated that a large part of the population has some degree of miscegenation, mainly due to the phenomenon of globalization, which facilitated the movement of people between different points on Earth.

Race or ethnicity?

Although the terms race and ethnicity are often used interchangeably, they do not have the same meaning, so they should not be confused. Race refers to a group, when biological characteristics are considered. The Human Genome Project has already proven that genetically all human beings belong to the same race.

The term ethnicity, on the other hand, refers to a certain group of people who share phenotypic and cultural characteristics.

Thus, the correct term that should be used to refer to physical and cultural differences between human beings is ethnicity , being “race” a word in disuse to refer to these groups.

Actual Miscegenationists were first discovered in the South, but the atrocious crime was not popular although it was committed to a conside- rable extent, and men have been known to sell their own clnldren into slavery, simply because of the supposed attaintment of the offspring from its mother. But such beasts are only to be found in the South. Here in the North, we have afinersense of the beautiful. Dark blood, in the estimation of the Northmen, instead of attainting^ purifies. A man whose veins “are comsed by a certain amount of dark blood, and whose skin is correspondingly dark, is believed to be a superior being.

Many of our best orators have been advocating this mixture for some time. Wendel Phillips can’t see Avhy a negro is not the equal of a white man, and, in many instances, why he has not proved himself superior. When coalescesion takes place he believes that the excellent properties of Sambo’s component parts are intensified and the sluggish material of the white man purified and renovated.

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