The art of preparing/ Cooking POULTRY is being described here.The meat of the chicken is a white meat rich in protein greatly appreciated because lean, versatile, economical and suitable for many types of preparation .

1.Weigh; remove pin-feathers; singe over a flame to remove hairs.

2. Remove tendons from legs; make lengthwise cut along skin over leg joint; pick up tendons with a wire skewer, hold muscles of leg firmly, pull out tendons; break the joint.

3. Twist wing towards breast to dislocate shoulder joint.

4. Cut off head; turn back skin and cut neck close to body.

5. Remove windpipe and crop.

6. Remove oil-bag from tail.

7. Take out internal organs — cut through skin over intestines and around vent; insert fingers and loosen skin around internal organs; draw from behind the gizzard, and gizz,rd, liver and intestines may be taken out. Remove lungs, kidneys and heart.

8. Wash fowl inside and out with lukewarm salted water; rinse in cold water; wipe inside and out and just before stuffing sprinkle inside lightly with salt. Note. — The outside skin of poultry may be cleaned with a brush and warm soapy water; this should always be done when preparing goose and duck;

9. Prepare Giblets — (a) Heart — cut away arteries and veins; press to extract blood; wash in cold, salted water. (b) Liver — cut away gall-bladder carefully; wash iiver in salted water. (c) Gizzard — remove fat; cut in through the thick part to the sac; remove outer part from sac. Cut away the thick, white lining; wash gizzard in salted water.

10. Cook Giblets — Cut gizzard in small pieces; cover gizzard and heart with cold water; heat to boiling, then cook below boiling point until tender. When these have cooked 1 hr. add liver. The neck may be cooked with the giblets.

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