What is Mindset and why it is important for your success

Have you ever considered the fact that your Mindset , or your mentality, determines the success or failure of your activities?

A recent chat on this topic with Mirko Cuneo , entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Consultant, has greatly expanded my perspective on the subject and therefore I would like to make you participate.

” The way you deal with what surrounds you or what happens to you makes the clear difference between the happy ending and the defeat, even the most tragic” – Mirko Cuneo.

In every area of ​​life, in fact, it is essential to have the right approach to be able to make the appropriate choices that lead to the desired results. Each of your actions leads you to the next one, it can open opportunities or close doors, not let your life be dictated by chance or by negativity.

” Work on yourself to improve also your surroundings ” – Mirko Cueno.

What is Mindset?

In a nutshell, the Mindset is a mental inclination, a way of thinking that affects the mood, your way of acting and the fruits you will reap after sowing.

Your mentality is your precious collection of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, it is what defines who you are and your behavior. Your mind has a very strong power because it makes you see things not always as they are, but as you perceive them.

Your Mindset also determines your beliefs and convictions , which is why it is often said ” If you don’t think you can do it then you won’t be able to .” Unfortunately, this statement is more true than all of us would like.

Mirko gave me an example as simple as it is clear: “ If looking at someone who has been successful with his business you think he has been so good, but that you will never make it, I tell you that you have already lost at the start. If, on the other hand, you say to yourself that you could reach that level if you don’t even do better, then there are many opportunities for victory . “

The Mindset serves to give the ‘ energy and put you in a position to find all the means and the tools to achieve your goal . The mentality is only the starting point, the springboard, everything else will depend on you and the sweat of your forehead.

psychologist and researcher at Stanford, deals abundantly with this topic and has discovered that the mindset plays a fundamental role in what you want to achieve.

Dweck differentiates between two types of mindset : the fixed-mindset and the growth-mindset.

Fixed-Mindset and Growth-Mindset

The Mindset is not one, obviously it changes from person to person but, as I said earlier, a distinction has been made between two types of mentality: fixed and growth.

  • The fixed-mindset is related to those people who believe that qualities such as intelligence or talent are already established and unchangeable. These people, in all likelihood, in front of a new challenge will stop, blocked by the belief that they cannot solve the problem.
  • The growth-mindset belongs to those who think they can develop and strengthen the qualities of intelligence or talent. This type of people is also characterized by facing new challenges because they find stimulus to learn what they don’t know with commitment and work.

This does not mean that people with the fixed-mindset are not valid, indeed they could be very intelligent and very good at what they do. Probably these individuals will never leave their path and will be reluctant to learn new things or to solve a problem if they do not already know the possible solution.

Those who have an expansive mentality, however, already believe a priori that they can acquire new knowledge and their attitude will be pro-active in the face of an unexpected difficulty .

The role of the Mindset for personal success

Mentality plays a fundamental role in the way you face life, which is why it affects your success or failure a lot . Faced with a problem, people with a growth mindset will be more likely to find a solution by persevering in the face of adversity.

Instead, people with a fixed mindset will tend to feel heartbroken and unable to make a change to their condition. They are the ones most subject to renunciation and fall back into already known and probed fields.

Your mentality can truly determine your future!

And if a person has a fixed Mindset will he never change?

I asked Mirko this question and he comforted me by saying the growth-mindset can be trained and developed.

“ Start thinking you’re going to make it and if you don’t know how, the first step is research. Make a local mind about where you are and what you want to reach and work first to find the path that will make you overcome the gap and then work, step by step, to really overcome it. “- Mirko Cuneo.


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