Don’t try to understand life, live it! Don’t try to understand love, come in! Then you will know, and that knowledge will be the fruit of your experimenting. “

– Osho

If there is something that paralyzes us , preventing us from getting busy and chasing our dreams, it is the fear of the unknown .

Inevitably, when it comes to living the life we ​​really want to live, the way forward is never well defined .

Faced with a situation of uncertainty , the natural and immediate response of our brain (of that part that always whispers to be careful ) is fear and rejection .

A part of our brain does not want to leave its comfort zone at all , it does not want us to change at all.

The most bizarre and complicated aspect of all this is that usually this fear and rejection do not manifest themselves in dramatic or highly emotional forms.

On the contrary, fear and rejection of uncertainty are revealed in a much more subtle and destabilizing way .

They probably look like this :

  • A little more TV and then I get to work
  • Summer has arrived, I will dedicate myself to physical fitness in September
  • I’m too tired tonight to go out and meet other people
  • One more day of junk food and then I will start my diet

Our mind knows perfectly all the best tricks to prevent us from risking on what is not a safe and winning bet .

Our mind knows very well that to keep us away from uncertainty it does not have to convince us that our ideas are crazy, it is enough to insinuate our doubt and induce us to postpone our initiatives.

It is an extremely bright trick, actually, because it can be repeated every day and a part of us is very happy to fall into the trap . Because it helps us not to take risks, to stay safe .

Surfing on Facebook, watching TV, eating a snack, smoking a cigarette: these are all activities that satisfy your mind and that distance you from uncertainty, but also from your dreams.

I am the first to be a victim of these tricks : even now while I am writing this post, a part of my mind tells me to turn on the TV and let go of what I am writing.

It is much easier and more comfortable to push the buttons on the remote control or to lie down on the sofa with a packet of crisps than to get started to start a business, write music, climb a mountain or paint a picture.

It is much easier and more comfortable , undoubtedly.

But is this what you want?

Don’t you want to take your life in hand and chase your dreams , feel alive and full of enthusiasm?

The only way to defeat that part of us that wants to keep us anchored is to reverse the perspective .

We must learn to wallow outside our comfort zone and we must begin to dive into the unknown.

We must embrace uncertainty, seek new opportunities and take risks in everything we do. Without fear .

Rather than looking for new ways to be safe, we must constantly look for new ways to find ourselves in uncertainty and face the unknown .

And you’ll find that it’s fun to get out of your comfort zone.

Embracing uncertainty means just that. It doesn’t just mean acknowledging or accepting that you have to face the unknown to make your dreams come true .

Embracing uncertainty means finding joy, pleasure and enthusiasm in venturing into new and unexplored situations and discovering the world in all its unpredictability.

Unlike what they have always wanted us to believe, in life nothing is guaranteed, even when it seems safe and comfortable .

And if this is true, is it not then the time to get up from the sofa and start working on something great for us and for others?

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