The best advice I have ever received to improve my social life is this: learn to address a warm “Good morning!” Or “Hello!” To others.

This one simple habit has helped me to have more friends, to seize new and unexpected opportunities, to get to know better those I have met in my life.

Even today I am amazed at how the world may seem more much friendlier and more willing when I am the first to say “good morning!”.

Does this advice sound too simple? It is!

Many of us have a very particular approach to life. As someone said: “Most people behave in a nice and kind way towards others only if their interlocutor first addressed them politely. What we often don’t understand is that everything really depends on us. “

I think that giving a smile to the people we meet during our day and giving them a heartfelt “good morning!” Is primarily beneficial for ourselves. There is no greater joy than giving a smile, making others understand that we care about them, that we want their good and that we are ready to listen to you and help them.

A simple “good morning” brings us closer to the next, can transform a casual meeting into a special relationship, is able to positively change the mood of the people we meet on our way.

We do not wait for others to greet us and speak to us. We begin to show consideration and affection for others, we try to be the example. We transmit heat and energy to others. Let’s give our smile. We have only to gain.

Are you too shy?

Then start small and start saying “hello” or “good morning” first in situations where you feel comfortable. You can start with family and acquaintances. Even if you are absolutely introverted you can always improve gradually.

With a smile, greet the shopkeeper where you go shopping, the person you meet in the lift or at the bus stop, the patients lined up at the doctor. Even if they don’t prove it, they will be grateful to you in their hearts and you will feel good too.

Do not ignore those around you, each person is an opportunity, an opportunity to grow and a unique moment to appreciate the beauty of life.

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