Microsoft SQL Server;step by step

Microsoft SQL Server . It is a system for database management created by Microsoft , it is based on the relational model. Sel Server uses T-SQL and ANSI SQL as query languages.


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Microsoft SQL Server revolutionizes the concept of Database for Business. It brings together in one product the power needed for any critical business application along with management tools that minimize the cost of ownership. With Microdoft SQL Server, the company has everything as standard.

Among its fundamental characteristics are:

  • Transaction support.
  • Scalability, stability and security.
  • Supports stored procedures.
  • It also includes a powerful graphical administration environment, which allows the use of DDL and DML commands graphically.
  • It allows working in client-server mode, where information and data are hosted on the server and the terminals or clients of the network only access the information.
  • It also allows managing information from other data servers.

Project version history

Version history
Version Year Version name Key name
1.0 (OS / 2) 1989 SQL Server 1.0
4.21 (WinNT) 1993 SQL Server 4.21
6.0 nineteen ninety five SQL Server 6.0 SQL95
6.5 nineteen ninety six SQL Server 6.5 Hydra
7.0 1998 SQL Server 7.0 Sphinx
1999 SQL Server 7.0
OLAP Tools
8.0 2000 SQL Server 2000 Shiloh
8.0 2003 SQL Server 2000
64-bit Edition
9.0 2005 SQL Server 2005 Yukon
10.0 2008 SQL Server 2008 Katmai
10.5 2010 SQL Server 2008 R2 Kilimanjaro


Internet-Email integration

  • MAPI, allowing workflow applications and automatic data change notification.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Information Server and other popular Web servers.
  • SQL Web Assistant, for automatic return of data in HTML format.
  • Stored proceduresfor generating HTML pages or updating data in Web templates.
  • Ability to automatically populate Microsoft Exchange public folders with data.


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