Method of cultivating different varieties of bananas

Bananas are a meaningful crop. Today we will know the methods of cultivating bananas, why cultivate bananas, various varieties of bananas are known, what to do in cultivating bananas, care of banana plants, how good the bananas are on a soil, how to grow bananas and so on. Let’s not go into the main discussion without talking.

There is a famous mining banana with bananas. The promise is – banana leaves do not rot, so the clothes are rice. If we think deeply about the promise of mining, we can understand how important bananas are. Banana is cheaper, easier, and available all year round than ordinary fruit. More than 100,000 tonnes of bananas are produced in our country of about 5,000 hectares. All regions of the country produce bananas. Banks are commercially cultivated in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bogra, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Pabna, Jessore and other districts.

Before cultivating bananas, know the benefits of bananas

Bananas are found in almost all countries of the world. I do not mention the detailed benefits of the banana here. Here are the benefits of the banana very briefly.

Banana reduces depression, improves mood, lowers high blood pressure, adds instant energy, reduces heartburn, even relieves migraine pain. Playing bananas every day reduces the risk of stroke. Bananas act like natural antacids. There are many other benefits to bananas.

Different varieties of bananas are known

There are at least 3 banana varieties in Bangladesh. Among these, Sabari Banana, Kabri Banana, Champa Banana, Beechikala, Amrit Sagar, Anaji Banana etc. are quite popular. Demand for domestic bananas, in particular, is higher than other bananas. Four high-performing arts called Barikla 1,2,3,3 have been invented. The demand for Barikala 3 is high for the farmers. The banana is bright yellow and ripe after eating. Baricula 2 is a more refined type of curry meal.

Suitable soil for banana cultivars – Doose and sandy loam soils are best for banana cultivation. It should be noted that the place where the banana is grown is high and sufficiently sunny. In addition, if the rainwater does not accumulate, it should be maintained.

During the planting of banana seedlings

You can plant banana seedlings three times a year for commercial cultivation. Opportune time-

  • Ashwin to Kartik
  • Fallen from the cloud
  • Chaitra to Baisak

It is best to plant banana saplings in the month of Ashwin to Kartik during these three periods, as the trees planted during this time have higher yields.

The land is ready for the cultivation of bananas

The relatively high land where sunlight falls and water drainage system is suitable for cultivating bananas. First, the land should be cultivated well and intensively. The above soil and the lower soil should be well mixed.

For planting banana seedlings need to drill two meters away at a height of 5 cm, just like 3 cm wide and 3 cm deep. At the time of transplanting, the sliced ​​portion of the sapling should be planted on the south side, so that the banana buds come out on the good side. Read on – Selecting a place to set up a dairy farm

Fertilizer application and care in the cultivation of bananas

Just 5 days before planting the seedlings for transplanting seedlings should be mixed with 5 kg cow dung, 1 gram mustard oil, 5 grams TSP fertilizer per pit. Six days after planting, 1 gram of urea fertilizer, 1 gram of potash and 1 gram of TSP fertilizer should be sprinkled around the base of the banana tree.

If the soil is too dry during planting, it should be soaked with water. In addition, if there is no rain for many days, irrigation should be done in banana trees after 3 to 20 days. To prevent the banana tree from falling in the air, the tree should be tied with bamboo. The drainage system should be provided so that the water does not accumulate.

Banana diseases and remedies

In order to keep the leaves of the banana tree in place, it should be mixed with 2 ml diazinon 3 EC per liter of water and spray at 2 weeks intervals. Banana tree has many diseases but three diseases are the main. For example, Sigatoka, Panama and bunch head diseases. In Panam disease, the leaves of the tree turn yellow. Sigatoka disease causes dark brown spots on the leaves. To prevent the disease, the tilt should be mixed with 1.5 EC in 5 liters of water and sprinkled on the leaves after 20 days.

Yield and harvest

Within 12 to 6 months of planting, all varieties of bananas mature. If properly cultivated, yield of 1 to 3 tonnes of hectare per hectare is available. P

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