What is an IPO? How to apply to get shares in IPO

The abbreviation for Initial Public Offering is called IPO. The IPO is also known as the Primary Market. The IPO is the name of raising money from ordinary people who want to invest.

In our country, IPOs are generally considered as a free investment. Usually when a business is started, a business is started with its own capital or bank loan. Later, when the business needs to expand, parts of the company are sold to ordinary investors without taking a loan from the bank and this method of sale is called IPO.

In our country young people are more prone to invest in IPO. The reason is that the risk of IPO is almost zero.

An IPO can be applied under a BO account . Those who invest in IPOs receive the investor money through lottery. Because the amount of money a company leaves the market, the appeal is higher than the IPO. If you want to buy shares through IPO, you will have to deposit money at the broker house at the appointed time.

Lottery draws are usually made within 24/20 days of deposit. If you win the lottery, your money will be accepted and if you do not win the lottery you will be refunded. Investors who have received shares through IPOs in the past have made huge returns on their investments.


How to apply to get shares in IPO


One of the oldest ways to raise money is through IPO. When a company sells some of their shares to raise capital, or do any other necessary work, that process is basically called IPO. That is, an IPO to withdraw money from ordinary investors in the name of a particular company.

To apply for share in IPO, you will need a BO account. An application can be made against a BO account. BO Account opens Broker House. When a company starts withdrawing money through an IPO, you need to apply at the broker house where the BO account has been opened. Online methods have been introduced in many broker houses. You can easily apply for an IPO from home or abroad.

Lottery takes place within 20 to 20 days of applying for IPO. You can view the draw of the lottery directly. After 2 to 5 hours of drawing, you can see the results of the broker house or online.

If you do not receive the application by applying for an IPO, it will take 2-3 days for your money to come to your BO account. If the money goes to the BO account, you can invest the money again in the IPO or in the secondary market.

By applying for the IPO, the shares will get your company and the transaction will start within a specified period.


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