Men’s health: what is the importance of preventive exams?

It is a fact that men go to the doctor less often than women. But, over the years, these visits to specialists are necessary to assist in disease prevention. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Therefore, we produced this post to indicate the main preventive exams for men’s health , showing how they can be important in the treatment of more serious diseases. Continue reading and stay on top of the subject!

What are the benefits of taking preventive exams?

As already stated, prevention is always the best medicine. Most illnesses, when discovered at an early stage, are easier to treat, and are more likely to cure. At this stage, preventive exams come in, which help to assess the health of the organism, ensuring that everything is fine. From this analysis, several disorders are discovered in the initial phase.

Identifying a disease prematurely, based on preventive exams, has a major impact on promoting quality of life. This is especially noticeable in relation to diseases with aggressive treatments – such as cancer – and chronic diseases, which have no cure, but only treatment to alleviate symptoms.

What are the main preventive exams?

As you can see, preventive exams are essential to ensure man’s health and quality of life. Below, we list the main procedures that should be done throughout life.

Prostate exam

The prostate exam is one of the main exams for adult male health, because it is possible to identify and prevent prostate cancer . It is indicated that it is done annually, from the age of 40. If there is a family history, follow-up can start earlier and at shorter intervals. It is carried out in three stages:

  • rectal examination – detects changes in the size, shape or texture of the prostate, which can cause tumors or nodules. It can also assist in the identification of enlarged prostate and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH);
  • PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test – usually required to accompany digital rectal examination. It serves to measure, in the blood, the level of a protein – PSA – produced by the prostate. When at high levels it can reveal the presence of cancer or other diseases, such as BPH;
  • transrectal ultrasound – is requested only when there are changes in the blood test or digital rectal examination. The doctor inserts a lubricated probe into the rectum, with which he is able to identify whether there is any deformation or any tumor in the prostate.


Another exam that helps prevent cancer – in the large intestine or rectum – is colonoscopy . It is requested annually from the age of 50, but if there is a family history, it can be done earlier, around 40, and more often.

It is necessary that the colon is completely clean, without residues, so it is used a preparation indicated by the doctor or the clinic where the exam will be done. A thin tube, with a camera at the end – so that the intestinal mucosa can be analyzed – is inserted into the anus. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and the patient is sedated for the exam.

Cardiovascular exams

One of the main causes of death among men has to do with  heart problems . For this reason, cardiovascular examinations are more than necessary and should begin to be performed annually, from the age of 40, especially if there is a family history of related diseases.

A complete check-up is recommended so that the risks of heart and circulatory problems can be analyzed. Among the analyzes are:

  • pressure measurement – indicates whether blood pressure is higher or lower than normal;
  • exercise test – evaluates the function of the heart under physical effort;
  • electrocardiogram – measures the activity of the heart, indicating whether the heartbeat is at a normal rhythm or if there is any abnormality;
  • chest x-ray – evaluates whether the heart size is within normal standards;
  • ultrasound of the heart – evaluates blood flow in the organ.

Testicular self-examination

This preventive examination is important for man’s health and it is recommended that it be done every day, from the age of 15. It can be performed at the time of the bath and works in a similar way to the breast, made by women. The man should feel the testicle for changes in shape and size, noting if he feels any pain in the scrotal region.

This is the best way to prevent testicular cancer. If any changes are found during the self-examination, a urologist should be sought immediately . The sooner the problem is discovered, the greater the chances of a cure.

Urine analysis

It is recommended that it be done at least once a year, from the age of 20. Analyzing the urine, it is possible to observe if there are abnormal elements, which may indicate the development of diabetes, hemorrhages and kidney diseases. The exam is simple and painless. After picking up the collecting pot at the clinic, the patient should first pee in the morning in the container and take it immediately afterwards for the urine to be analyzed.

Blood test

The blood test is part of the complete check-up and is indicated to be done annually, after the age of 20. The goal is to measure uric acid indexes, lipid profile (cholesterol and triglycerides), creatinine and glucose. When necessary, it can also be used to assess blood testosterone levels. From blood tests, diseases such as hypogonadism, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, diabetes and gout can be detected .

Ophthalmological, urological and hormonal examinations are some other procedures relevant to man’s health and that must be performed throughout life, whenever necessary. It is important to choose a quality and reliable clinic that offers consultations and tests in the same place, which will generate practicality and savings.

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