Allergist doctor: when should you seek this professional?

When they have respiratory or skin problems, many people go to the otorhinolaryngologist and  dermatologist . Most of the time, they find the solution they were looking for and return to a normal life. However, what about when such illnesses reappear from time to time? Wouldn’t it be the case to schedule an appointment with the allergist doctor?

If the cause of these and other problems is an allergic reaction, he is the best professional to treat them. Although little is said about this specialty, it is of fundamental importance for providing quality of life and well-being to patients by preventing certain diseases from reappearing and evolving.

In this post, we will show what the allergist doctor does, why it is important to consult with him, what types of allergies this specialist treats, when it is necessary to look for him and what methods the professional uses to diagnose and treat crises. Look!

What does the allergist doctor do and how important is it?

Still little known by the general public, the allergist doctor makes the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases – some of them quite common. To work in this specialty, it is necessary to undergo a residency period in allergy and also intensive training in general practice or pediatrics.

This professional also performs the work of preventive allergies, in order to reduce the frequency of crises and ensure  quality of life  for patients. Thus, going to the doctor for allergic problems decreases, activities do not need to be interrupted due to reactions and people are able to cope better with the disease on a daily basis.

When attending the office, the allergist doctor will do a thorough investigation of the allergic reaction. At first, he will want to know about the conditions of the work environment and the home, the symptoms that the patient feels and if there is a history of allergies in the family. Exams will be requested to confirm the condition and apply the best type of treatment.

What types of allergies does the specialist doctor treat?

When the symptoms of a disease are caused by allergic reactions, the professional best suited to cure it is the allergist doctor. Aware of this, find out below what are the most common allergies treated by this specialist!


Contact with dust and mites causes reactions in allergic individuals, such as rhinitis, nasal inflammation whose main symptoms are itching, continuous sneezing and runny nose.

Of skin

Itching and  skin lesions  are the main signs of allergies. Such reactions are due, for example, to contact with creams and perfumes and insect bites.


There are foods that cause allergies in some people, so care should be taken when consuming them. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, skin blemishes and, in more severe cases, anaphylactic shock.

In the eyes

An example of eye disease arising from an allergic reaction is conjunctivitis. It causes discomfort such as watering, itching and redness. If left untreated, it can evolve and affect the eyesight.

What are the signs that you need to seek a specialist?

See, now, what are the symptoms that signal the need to schedule an appointment with the allergist doctor!

Constant runny nose

Runny nose is a symptom of several diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, but in certain cases, it represents an allergic reaction. In patients with allergies, transparent discharge is often accompanied by recurrent sneezing. There may also be an itchy nose and nasal obstruction.

Skin irritation

Many people suffer from skin problems and go straight to the dermatologist to heal them as soon as possible. However, it is essential to observe the recurrence of symptoms and under what conditions they appear. Usually, anyone who is allergic has immediate reactions when coming into contact with certain substances, such as animal hair and cleaning products.

Vomiting and diarrhea

Cause of different diseases, vomiting and diarrhea are also signs of allergic problems. In general, they are caused by the ingestion of some  foods , such as eggs, milk and gluten. When consuming them, if your body reacts badly, it is best to seek medical advice from an allergist. Only this professional can confirm the diagnosis and offer appropriate treatment.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is the main sign of asthma, a chronic respiratory disease that causes inflammation and obstruction of the respiratory tract. It is often accompanied by wheezing, that is, the sound similar to a whistle when the patient breathes. Seizures arise mainly due to contact with dust mites, dust and animal hair.

Dark circles and eye pain

Most people go to an ophthalmologist’s office when they experience any eye irritation, such as redness, itching and watery eyes. We agree that this practice is not incorrect, but, if the symptom is due to an allergy, the ideal is to schedule an appointment with the allergist doctor. Dark circles and bags under the  eyes  also indicate some type of allergic reaction.

How is the diagnosis and treatment of allergies made?

In addition to interviewing the patient as soon as he arrives at the office, the allergist doctor requests a series of  tests  to confirm the causes of the allergic reactions and direct the best treatment. In the list of the most recurring procedures are:

  • the physical examination;
  • contact and skin tests;
  • provocation tests with drugs and food;
  • tests for inflammatory markers and lung function.

Depending on the type of reaction and the substance that causes it, treatment includes the use of medication, drug desensitization, immunomodulatory therapy and immunotherapy with allergens and insect poisons. It is also essential that the patient avoids contact with the agents causing the allergy as much as possible to prevent crises.

Now, yes, you have understood what the allergist doctor does and why it is important to consult with him about any symptoms of allergic conditions. Remember that this specialist is the ideal professional to prevent, diagnose and treat reactions caused by allergenic substances. So, visit your office to prevent crises from recurring.

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