Meaning and definition of teaching

Meaning and Definition of Teaching – Teaching is a process by which teachers assimilate their knowledge to their students on the basis of communicative skills. In simple words, learning is a process in which the presence in the child are developing the underlying strengths
today hindivaani ‘ll let you know the definition of various Shikshnshastrion teaching.

Meaning and definition of teaching

Meaning and definition of teaching

Meaning of teaching

The word teaching is a Hindi translation of the English teaching word. Which means – learning.
Dr. Radhakrishnan has said that “education should build man and the whole society. Education is genetic and incomplete without doing this work”

Narrow meaning of teaching

The narrow meaning of teaching means a teaching that is imparted in a fixed time, a fixed place, etc. As an example- school education

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Comprehensive meaning of teaching

The things a human learns from birth to death. She is very much within the broader meaning of teaching. The broad meaning of teaching implies that whatever the child learns in a formal and informal manner throughout his life.

Definitions of teaching

According to BO Smith

“Is a method to stimulate learning”

Definition of teaching according to Raeburn

“Teaching is a kind of relationship that helps a child to develop his inherent abilities”.

  1. L. Definition of teaching by gauge

“Teaching is a kind of interpersonal effect, intended to bring about desired changes in the behavior of another person”.

Definition of teaching according to Burton

“Teaching is stimulating, directing and encouraging learning”

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Types of teaching

The types of teaching are as follows-

(1) Monolithic teaching –

In monolithic teaching, the place of the teacher is considered to be dominant in the teaching process and the place of the student is secondary.

(2) Democratic or democracy teaching-

This learning system is based on human relations. In this teaching, teachers and students try to impress each other.

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3) Teaching without interference –

While doing this type of teaching, the teacher treats the student in a friendly manner.
The teacher has three variables.
(1) Teacher
(2) Student
(3) Course

Characteristics of teaching

The following are the characteristics of teaching.

  1. Teaching should be suggestive.
  2. Teaching is inspiring.
  3. Learning is well organized.
  4. Teaching completes compassion and empathy.
  5. Teaching promotes democratic process.

Problems of teaching

The following problems are encountered by a teacher while doing teaching work.

  1. The problem of individual and group learning method
  2. The problem of education and life relationship.
  3. Correlation problem.
  4. Education problems
  5. Discipline problem in class room.
  6. Problem of individual variation.

Purpose of teaching

The following are the objectives of teaching.

  1. To make the child a good citizen.
  2. Make the child functional and increase sensitivity.
  3. To develop functional aspect in the child.
  4. To generate interest in the teaching work of the students.
  5. To increase confidence in students.


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