Essay on the role of the opposition in Parliament

In a democratic parliamentary system, the majority party administers governance, members of other parties criticize the activities of the ruling party. Among the parties which remain after the formation of the government, the party with the largest number of members is called the ‘opposition party’.

The members of the ruling party often do not criticize their party, but the opposition sheds light on the shortcomings of the ruling party without any fear. Stopping work from time to time creates obstruction in the government’s work by demanding dissolution and calling attention.

The purpose of all this is to attract public attention to the justification and impropriety of the government’s policies and actions. This statement is true, ‘the opposition is the blind government’s eye’. This role of the opposition does not make the government arbitrary in governance. Ignoring criticism of the opposition, there is a fear of the government’s image being shattered before the public.

Therefore, the Government considers the stand of the opposition before presenting each Bill in the House. Thus, the opposition curbs the government’s blind tricks. Just as the functioning of the ruling party should be motivated by the national interest, similarly the goal of criticizing the opposition should also be national interest.

In fact, the opposing party complements the actions of the ruling party and not the enemy. Such instances are also found in the Indian Parliament when the government itself withdrew its bill due to constructive criticism from the opposition party. “What I am saying is fine, but it may not be right and what the opponent is saying is right” is the ideal of democratic governance.

Sometimes, it is seen that the ruling party is so lost in power that it becomes a ‘totalitarian’. In such a difficult situation, the opposition defends the country from totalitarian tendencies with its sharp criticism.

Sometimes the government’s information regarding a matter remains incomplete and the opposition reaches the depth of truth and makes revelations in the House. This gives the government a chance to rectify its mistake. Thus the importance of the role of the opposition in the parliamentary system is undisputed.


In India, the opposition was not strong at the beginning. In 1958 there were only three recognized opposition parties – the Communist Party, the Samajwadi Party and the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. Shani: -Sanai: The number of opposition parties increased, like Lok Dal, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, DMK. A.D.M.K. Janata Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Bharatiya Janata Party etc.

Since the beginning of the Janata government except for a short period, the Congress has ruled at the center till date and other parties have been playing the role of opposition parties. It was a privilege of the Indian Parliament that the opposition parties had high-ranking MPs like D. Ram Manohar Lohia, Bhupesh Gupta, HB, Komath, who periodically opened the eyes of the government and awakened the masses.

But the situation today is the opposite; ideological differences have increased among opposition parties. There is a lack of ideological unity among the parties playing the role of the opposition. In any case, the role of the counterparty party in the Indian Parliament has been reasonable.

The opposition of the opposition parties against the Emergency rule of the Congress Party was successful in the interest of the country. For the success of democracy, both the sides and the opposition must adopt a coordinative approach. The sides and the opposition should complement each other and not the opponent. Opposition parties should consider the public interest as paramount and move the ruling party in the right direction and the party should also respect the suggestions of the opposition.

Right now democracy in India is in its youth. Crowd of parties is not a symptom of healthy development of democracy. It is unfortunate to have communalism, regionalism, religious-caste-rites in the principles of the parties. Due to long-term rule, the Congress Party has also entered into loose tendencies. Only a strong opposition party can become the benefactor of the nation in such misdeeds.


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