Essay on the role of computers in modern life

A computer is an electrical device. Works like a human brain. And swiftly presents the results. The basic feature of a computer is that it provides the contents inside itself, by the instructions of the program.

The computer calculates large numbers in a few seconds. Computers have been a special contributor to the human conquest of space and the journey to the moon and back from there. In 1944, Professor Howard Ekins and his team built the first computer at Howard University, USA.

Within about five decades of this invention, the entire world has been affected by the computer revolution. Computers are considered more capable than human intelligence, as they are more rapid in the compilation and calculation of facts. The calculation that a man can take months to do, he can do it in a few seconds.

Some researchers believe that now there is nothing that human intelligence can do but computer cannot do. According to Professor Robert of Columbia University, New York, by 1995, computer intelligence will be superior to human intelligence.

Will computers prove destructive or intuitive? Answering this question, a senior thinker has said that computer will not prove fatal to mankind, if it is not used to solve problems related to moral matters.

Some important trends in the human mind like ‘sense of self’, moral values, sentiment, religious thoughts, curiosity and solutions etc. cannot be generated in the computer. But a computer built in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat can answer questions about the existence of God.

Every higher secondary school in England has at least one microcomputer. American schools are also taking interest in computer operations. Even the students of the initial classes are able to run the computer.


In India also, computers are used for making a list of facts, crimes and collection of many sources. Institutions associated with the manufacture of personal computers used are reputed by Apple of America and Sinclair of England.

She is trying hard to promote herself in India. Pocket mini calculators have become popular among Indian professionals, employees and students. If a computer is connected to an ordinary television, it becomes a monitor, in which the filled material is visible.

In these 50 years unique progress has been made in computer technology. This has led to a radical change in working practices, which saves time and money. There is no area where computer support is not required. The creation of human future life is possible only with computer. But there are some disadvantages to the computer. Relying on the computer will impair the capacity of the human brain.

Some people believe that computer access will open more avenues for livelihood. Whereas there is some belief that computer will take away their livelihoods from people. Their slogan is, ‘Throw away the computers, otherwise it will throw you away.’ Computers are used in social and economic fields. With their help, the goal of higher production and lower cost can be achieved.

There is no doubt that with the use of computers, livelihood will be snatched away from some people immediately, but overproduction will lead to expansion in the economy which will provide employment to others as well.

Some thinkers do not consider such rapid development of computers as meaningful for mankind. They are of the opinion that with more use of computer, man will forget to do even small calculations. Profit or loss of computer is more, beyond all these opinions, the spread of computer is increasing everyday. This is a demand of time which is impossible to stop.


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