The meaning of colors in wedding decor

Did you know that there is a whole study about colors? It is called Colorimetry. Many people do not know, but colors have the power to change your mood. If you are going to get married, how about choosing colors in a way that not only beautifies the environment, but influences your guests and attracts good fluids to your wedding?

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Yellow:  Inspires joy and creativity. If the goal of your party is to provide joy and disposition, this color is ideal.

Blue:  It means respect and tranquility. For transmitting calm, you can use this color to decorate another atmosphere of your party, benefiting those who need to leave the dance floor and relax a little.

Orange:  In the same line as yellow, this color is perfect for those who want to chase away the sadness of the place. It conveys confidence, giving space for an environment of chat and relaxation.

Red:  Because it is a strong color, red brings energy, willpower and sexual stimuli. If used in excess, it can create an environment conducive to fights and heated arguments.

Green:  Color of hope and confidence. It is one of the most used colors in weddings, because it resembles nature, is a symbol of prosperity and reveals someone who is concerned with the well-being of others.

Rosa:  Instinctively it is the color of romance, beauty and love. Great for those who want to create a more intimate environment.

Lilac:  Considered a “magical” color, lilac conveys purity and sincerity. In addition, this color is known to purify the mind and spirit. Use it if you want guests to feel refreshed after the party!

White:  Did you know that white is the combination of all other colors? It means purity, sincerity and appreciation. However, don’t just use white to decorate and combine it with another color so your party doesn’t remind you of the hospital coldness.

The colors chosen do not matter. It is important to take into account the colors of the place where the party will be held. The ideal is to reconcile the tones of flowers, lighting and decoration in general.

If you and your partner are undecided, it is legal to consult a decorator or someone specializing in colors. Still, take into account your favorite colors so that the party represents the personality of both! After all, getting married is sharing life with someone else.

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