Grooms course, what is it?

And then you decided to get married. A thousand and one details to be organized, decisions to be made, menu to be decided … At these times it is important to make a  (Wedding check list) of everything that needs to be done for the wedding to happen.Once you have decided that you are going to get married in a church, know that more than choosing one that is beautiful and pleases both of you, it is necessary to take the so-called wedding course.

See below what exactly it consists of and what the objectives are!

What is the bride course?

It is a course offered to couples who will marry under Catholic doctrine . For the Church, marriage (marriage) is a very important sacrament. It is as if the Church asked the bride and groom to love each other with the same love that Christ loved his Church. Both are expected to love each other in order to consolidate the union, moving towards sanctification and eternal life.

As much as there is a divorce (the law of men), the union of the couple remains indissoluble before the law of God. Lasting two full days, the bride and groom must take this course. Otherwise, they will not be able to get married. Any parish – not necessarily the one where you will be married – offers this course.

So, as soon as you decide you are going to get married in the Church , schedule the course right away.

Course objectives

As much as many see this course as just a bureaucracy of the Church, it has as main objectives to teach and prepare the bride and groom for the difficulties of marriage, advising them to solve the problems according to Catholic teachings.

There are also several teachings about life together. The course does not aim to teach a manual on how to be happy in marriage, as it does not exist. What the Church seeks is to advise, and in a way to prepare the bride and groom for the future life as a couple, since the relationship changes brutally after the union. Subjects such as complicity, sexual life, their participation in the Church and others are some of the topics covered in this course.

Here’s the tip

Whoever gets married in a Catholic Church knows how important and sacred marriage is. For the Church, it is wrong to marry in the Church and then continue married life without following what she preaches. Many couples, for wanting to make a beautiful wedding for others, forget that the union is more than a beautiful party and a delicious buffet.

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Difficulties will arise, and the honeymoon will also end. If the couple is not mature enough to understand what the marriage entails, it is better to think twice before saying “yes”. Even more so if that “yes” is said in a Church!

Did you know that those couples who do not think about having children nor should they get married in the Catholic Church ?

After all, sex, in the Church’s view, goes beyond pleasure. Above all comes procreation. And that’s when you need to decide together what you want. Getting married in a church is beautiful, but that shouldn’t be the priority. Be honest about what you believe and expect from each other after the wedding, and only then do you decide where you want to get married.


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