How to choose the ideal wedding cake

Without a wedding cake, without a doubt your wedding would not be the same, after all, the cake is a traditional symbol of the party and marks the celebration. Usually, cutting the cake serves for the bride and groom to make the traditional toast and take relaxed photos.

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As there is a wide variety of wedding cakes, it is important to evaluate all the options very calmly, so that the type of wedding cake is the most suitable for the ceremony in question.

Taking into account the difficulties you may have when choosing your wedding cake, we have separated some tips that can facilitate the choice, considering different flavors, decorations, styles and other factors related to the cake.

Check out some essential tips to choose the ideal wedding cake

1. How to choose a good professional responsible for the cake

One of the first steps is to find a highly regarded professional, who is willing to put his ideas into practice, whether simple or extravagant.

More than offering options that are within the couple’s budget, the professional who will make the cake must have an accessible portfolio, so that you are able to view the other works made by him. Just be sure to do this in the last moments, as the best confectioners usually have a busy schedule.

2. What will be the style of the cake?

Several elements need to be considered when defining the style of the wedding cake:

  • Hall where the event will be held
    • The colors of the decoration
    • The type of ceremony (traditional, thematic, etc.)

In addition to the outside of the cake, it is important not to miss the filling. You can choose an ordinary cake, with the desired icing and edible filling, or you can have an artificial cake, which has the desired icing, but whose filling is hollow or of a material not suitable for ingestion, offering another cake to the guests.

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If you choose the second alternative, the artificial cake will be exposed and the cake that will be eaten must remain in the kitchen of the place, being served after the symbolic cut of the other cake.

The style of the wedding is one of the great details for cake decoration, as more romantic weddings require:

  • White cakes or lighter tones
    • Decorations with bows
    • Having flowers and other delicate figures

In turn, the most daring and informal weddings can have coverings in more striking tones and with personalized details, such as bridesmaids similar to the couple.

Regarding the appearance of the cake, the most common models have three floors and are round. However, you can use your creativity and assemble a cake in different formats.

3. Learn how to choose the flavor of the cake

The preference of the bride and groom must also be reflected in the flavor of the cake, after all, there is no point in having a cake with a beautiful look if the taste is unpleasant. When tasting numerous types of cakes before choosing, give preference to flavors that can be enjoyed by most guests.

In general, the most popular wedding cakes are those made with:

  • American paste
    • Marble icing
    • Butter cream
    • Marzipan
    • Strawberry truffles, among other flavors

If the date set is in a period of heat or if the party takes place outdoors,  (The advantages of an outdoor wedding) it is  recommended to avoid coverings that could melt without proper cooling. The most resistant used in weddings are those of marzipan and American paste.

Another trend is not to be afraid to make combinations of flavors, avoiding the conventional walnut and chocolate cakes with white dough . Depending on the personality of the bride and groom, it is possible to risk and include fruit jellies, passion fruit mousse and other creative options, which can be mixed with more basic pastas, as long as the result is not nauseating or strange.


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