Eight myths about marriage

When preparing for a wedding party, many women are extremely nervous and concerned with the most diverse details, from the choice of decoration to the number of guests for the wedding celebration.

In the face of so many preparations (Wedding check list) , it is essential that you do not worry about things that are widely spread, but that are just myths.

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Identifying myths and truths is something that all brides need to do. This makes it much easier to focus attention on really important things. Thinking about it, we separated 8 myths about marriage, which can be checked below:

Myth 1: Groomsmen must be baptism groomsmen

Contrary to what many brides think, it is not mandatory that the groomsmen be the groomsmen of baptism.

Therefore, you and your fiancé can choose groomsmen quite freely, choosing friends they know at work, college, the neighborhood or people in their own family. Regardless of the degree of proximity, it is essential that the groomsmen are people capable of organizing bachelor parties, as well as people with time and willingness to follow the selection process for wedding dresses, cake, among other difficult items to choose.

2nd Myth: Godfathers are always responsible for alliances

Of course, groomsmen have duties, such as helping the bride and groom in times of need and giving wedding gifts (just like any other guest).

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However, it is not an obligation to give alliances, which can be acquired by the couple themselves or even by the parents of the couple. Thus, the groomsmen and godmothers are responsible for supporting the bride and groom, not only before the wedding and during the ceremony, but also throughout the period in which you are married to your loved one.

3rd Myth: Brides should wear white dresses

Most brides prefer white dresses (Wedding Dresses 2013 | Rosa Clará Collection) , but this tone is not a requirement. Therefore, you can choose other colors, giving preference to those that best match your personality and the wedding decor.

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If you are more discreet and do not want to wear white, you can choose dresses in light and subtle tones, such as gray and beige. If you like to attract attention, choose colors that stand out more, such as red, purple, yellow, among others.

4th Myth: Grooms cannot see the dress before the wedding

This myth has been propagated by various cultures over the years, however, there is no scientific basis that the success of a union between a couple is linked to the visualization of the dress before the wedding.

So it is just a superstition, so if you don’t believe it, there is no reason to be afraid that the groom will see your dress. There are even cases of grooms who choose the model together with the bride, without this affecting the success of the couple’s relationship.

5th Myth: Separated parents create embarrassment

The number of separated parents is increasing and not all couples handle separation well. However, this does not mean that the ceremony will be hampered by the presence of separated parents, after all, it is enough to talk to them so that they commit themselves to act in a civilized manner throughout the ceremony, without the hassles caused by arguments.

6th Myth: Getting married in August is synonymous with bad luck

Known as mad dog month, August is skipped by many couples when deciding the month of the wedding.

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However, making the marriage that month can mean more savings (low season offers more affordable prices) and easier to schedule churches and party venues, since few people get married or graduate in August. (10 ways to save on marriage)

7th Myth: It is necessary to invite whoever invited

If you have been invited to the wedding of someone you do not wish to invite to your wedding, you need not be afraid any longer, as you should only invite who you really want to your ceremony. In addition, those who choose smaller celebrations need to ration the number of people, prioritizing those closest to the couple.

8th Myth: Brides must stand on the left side of the altar

The tradition of placing the bride on the left side of the groom began in the Middle Ages, as the groom had to keep his right arm free to use his sword in the fight against someone who tried to steal or attack his bride. As this would hardly happen today, nothing prevents you from staying on the right side, especially if it is a ceremony that deviates from the standards.

Now you can get married without being afraid of making mistakes and making gaffes that are myths spread throughout the population!


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