Endodontics, also known as root canal treatments, is a dental procedure consisting of the removal of pulp from the tooth. Depending on the patient’s condition, this elimination may be total or partial. In today’s article we are going to talk about endodontics , instruments, tools and equipment that a dentist needs to practice this very common procedure.

Among the endodontic material we find a part of the equipment that is mandatory and is usually the most common. These are elements such as protective lenses, gloves, caps and masks, anesthetic, syringes and anesthesia needles, a dycal kit, strawberries of different types and sodium hypochlorite. But other tools such as drill bits, dental files, chelators and protaper are also necessary.

Precisely, in our article today on endodontic material, we will devote special attention to the latter.

Drill Bits or Strawberries

After the unitary and absolute isolation of the piece to be treated, it is the moment of the cameral opening. It consists of the removal of the roof of the pulp chamber, as well as the realization of compensatory wear that allows us to eliminate all the coronary pulp tissue and direct access to the root canals.

To be able to make a correct opening it is necessary to know the anatomy of the chamber and the root canals of each dental element.

The access to the chamber is made with the following endodontic material:

  • Turbine
  • Micromotor and counter angle with + encionales
  • High speed round diamond stones ISO 12, 14 and 16
  • Round high speed carbide bits ISO 14 and 16.
  • Round low speed carbide bits ISO 12, 14, 16 and 18

Next, to perform compensatory wear and prepare the entrance of the channels, we will need:

  • Low speed flame diamond stone
  • Endo Z drills of low speed
  • You can also use Gates Glidden bits

Dental files

Dental files come into action after the cameral opening and the consequent compensatory wear and tear done previously with the drill bits. This is the preparation phase of the root canals. Formerly, this process was carried out in a completely manual way. Currently, the use of dental files combines manual files with automated files, achieving a much faster and more effective result.

The objective is to file the ducts progressively while they are irrigated with disinfectants. It is the previous step to the shutter.


Chelators are substances, usually in gel, that help the enlargement of the root canals. They are a perfect solution to clean the ducts, given their irrigating power, but they are also useful as auxiliaries in widening the ducts stuck with dentin, calcified or both.

Protaper , the latest in endodontic material

The Protaper instrumentation system has broken into the endodontic material in recent years, and has become the most widely used mechanical instrumentation system. This is due to its special properties, which make it very effective in cutting, and with a particular focus on the preparation of the walls.

Protaper is a mechanical instrumentation system for continuous time rotation of NiTi. Its main advantage over the other systems is the presence of different conicities in different areas of the instruments. This results in each instrument, while always working at working length, preparing different areas of the duct walls. Apart from this important characteristic, it has other properties such as high cutting efficiency.


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