A hearing aid is the best hearing aid for people suffering from hearing loss. It consists of a compact electronic sound amplification system coated with a plastic housing. Through the highest technology, it amplifies the sound so that the user can hear better. And, through programming software, said amplification adjusts to the user’s auditory needs. But as in any other product, there are many qualities and we can talk about great brands such as Siemens, Resound, Widex headphones, etc.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the main brands of headphones in the market.

Siemens headphones

Siemens Headphones is one of the most prestigious brands in the audiometry market. Although, to be honest, there is no brand of Siemens headphones.

The famous Siemens headphones are the Signia headphones, which belong to the company Sivantos, which in turn is a licensee of Siemens. For that reason, they are usually called Siemens headphones.

Be that as it may, it is one of the most technically advanced hearing aids. They are the smallest, with the best quality is natural sound and with the most advanced implementations of software and mobile applications.

Resound headphones

Resound Headphones is a Danish manufacturer that began in 1943. Currently, with distributors in more than 80 countries, including Audiotek , it has more than 4100 employees worldwide and belongs to the GN Store Nord group.

Over the years, Resound headphones have opened new paths for sound processing with wide dynamic range compression and created the first iPhone-compatible headphones. In addition, Resound headphones are proud to have received numerous awards such as the IHS Markit Innovation 2016 and 2017, the Golden Lobe 2016 Award, the Die Goldene Concha 2016 or the CES Innovation Award 2017.

Widex headphones

Widex Headphones is another Danish brand, founded in 1956. It has been the pioneer in the manufacture of intra-channel hearing aids, having manufactured the first 100% digital hearing aid in 1995 or having been the first manufacturer to open its own centers in Spain auditory

Currently, Widex hearing aids distributed to more than 100 countries and is at the forefront of the integration of AI into hearing aids.

Danavox headphones

Hearing aids Danavox demonstrates the importance of Danish technology in audiometry. Founded in 1943 in Denmark, it is established in 1961 in England, becoming part of the GN group in 1977.

In 2012, he arrived in our country with large digital pouch headphones such as Eos and Tera.

Phonak headphones

Phonak headphones are born in Zurich in 1947 thanks to the interest of a Franco-Belgian group of investors.

Currently integrated into the Sonova group, Phonak Headphones stands out for launching in 1995 AudioZoom, a pioneering technology that several microphones still use. And for the creation of Lyrics, the first hearing aid that can take 4 months without interruption.

To headphones or ticon

And, last but not least, the oldest Danish brand, Audifonos Oticon, founded in 1904. Currently, it belongs to the William-Demant group, has offices in 24 countries and more than 3000 employees.


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