The laboratories of natural cosmetics are betting increasingly to develop their products with vegetables and natural ingredients. Nature cosmetics is born with a wide range of products designed to bring us all the benefits of Nature.

And it is that nature cosmetics, natural or ecological cosmetics is a rediscovered trend that is increasingly gaining strength with an annual growth in Europe of 20%. Something logical, since we are tired of seeing on the labels lists of ingredients with unpronounceable names, created in laboratories to accelerate the effects of creams but which, in turn, can develop dermatological problems or allergies. At least, these are chemicals that our body absorbs unnecessarily.

Natural cosmetics laboratories seek to create products that closely resemble the lipid mantle of our skin. That is the main virtue of nature cosmetics, integrating compounds that have the highest possible affinity with the biochemical composition of our dermis.


The products of natural cosmetics laboratories enjoy many benefits and advantages. As we mentioned above, the most obvious is the absence of toxic chemicals, but we can talk about many more:

A much healthier cosmetics

When we think of nature cosmetics, we usually think of homemade masks based on eggs and yogurt. Very nutritious options to regenerate our skin. But that, if we value your comfort and ease of use, they are not comparable with the usual products of industrial cosmetics.

However, natural cosmetics laboratories, such as Sakai , also offer us much healthier alternatives than industrial and equally comfortable creams. Such as mixtures of vegetable and essential oils.

Greater long-term effectiveness

Industrial creams can work small “miracles” on the skin. Especially if it is about dealing with specific conditions. However, if we value these immediate benefits with the harmful effects of their compositions, we see that perhaps it is better to rethink the advantage of these momentary “patches.”

Nature cosmetics, through their natural ingredients may not be as effective in the short term with particular conditions, but at least we make sure that we treat our skin with elements similar to our cellular composition.

In the long run it is cheaper

It may seem that, initially, nature cosmetics are much more expensive than industrial cosmetics. In fact, you can buy a fantastic moisturizer for a few euros. The problem is that, probably, the main component of that cream will be paraffin, a hydrocarbon derived from highly occlusive oil for the skin. And that, on the other hand, these creams usually have an expiration date.

On the other hand, the products of natural cosmetics laboratories, by comparison, end up being much cheaper. Simply comparing the quantities and expiration dates. A kilo of clay can cost you about 6 euros, but it can last almost a year.

Cosmetics nature is fair trade

Finally, the use of organic, natural and quality products promotes a type of fair trade. For workers and for the environment.


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