Maslow’s pyramid within marketing

Maslow’s pyramid explains where the impulses of human behavior come from, that is, why do we do something ?, or why do we think in a certain way? This can be transferred to the business environment and seen from another point of view, why do we buy some products and not others? o Why do we buy it from some brands and not from others?

Maslow’s Pyramid is an advanced advertising strategy.  By understanding how Maslow’s pyramid works ,  companies know how we behave and therefore why customers buy their products instead of competing products and vice versa.

According to Maslow, human beings tend to satisfy their needs in an ascending sense, that is, we are not going to buy a product that gives us security or social recognition if we have not previously covered basic needs. So a company will adapt its product, its message or its communication to that level of need that it believes it can cover and satisfy.

Maslow’s pyramid in marketing

For example, what differentiates a BMW customer from a Citroën customer, assuming they both have the same purchasing power? That the Citroën satisfies the “basic” need to move around the city just like the BMW, but BMW also meets other needs that are social acceptance and self-esteem.

Another example of how companies use this theory to their advantage is Coca-Cola. In principle, due to its nature it would belong to the lowest echelon of the pyramid, to quench its thirst, however its advertising and marketing campaigns focus on showing qualities that allow us to enhance friendship and group membership, that is, qualities that satisfy the third step of the pyramid.

In summary, Maslow’s pyramid allows us to categorize human behaviors. This information is the basis of marketing, since the main objective of marketing is to satisfy the needs of the market. This is why the application of Maslow’s pyramid in marketing is so frequent.

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