Marinating is a cooking technique by which a food is soaked in an aromatic liquid for a certain time (from one day to several weeks), so that after this time it is more tender or becomes more flavored. Formerly it was considered a method of preserving certain foods, although today this effect is questioned for some types of marinades. It is a process with a general name (eponym) since depending on the liquid ingredient it is dipped in, the marinade may have other more specific names.


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With the marinade, the food is kept in good hygienic conditions. In addition, it provides other flavors that can soften the strong flavor of red meat with a new aroma and soften tough meats, especially game.

There can be several ways of elaboration, which will depend on the genre to be used. On the other hand, the components to prepare them will always be the same:

  • Wet elements: red, white or other more aromatic wine .
  • Flavoring elements: vegetables, herbsand spices .


Marinades are used to perfume and make meat , fish or vegetables more tender , before and during the cooking process. Typically, the marinade time is 1 to 2 hours, although hunting and harder meats take longer. Most of the time, the marinade can be used to make sauces, less in the case of very strong tasting meats.


  • To make the marinade, you first need a container of unalterable material. Inside, the mixture is made, taking into account the quantity or size of the genus to be marinated.
  • Subsequently the piece is inserted into the preparation, trying to keep it covered (a good marinade always covers the entire surface of the meat.
  • Then everything is put in the cold room, where the marinade itself will be produced, since it is here that the meat will be impregnated with flavor.
  • For a maximum of eight hours, the preparation will be rotated, always depending on the genre it is: if it is game or red meat, it requires more time than if it is white meat or fish, since the former are thicker pieces than they need more time to permeate the flavor.

Cooked marinade

Another type of marinade is the so-called cooked marinade. Its composition is the same as the raw marinade, but with another type of elaboration. The flavoring elements are braised. Once sautéed , the wetted elements are added, it is allowed to boil for half an hour, it is removed from the heat, it is allowed to cool and the piece that we want to marinate is introduced.

Normally, when this type of marinade is used, both the wet and seasoning elements are used to make the sauce.

marinated recipe


In fish , marinade is mainly used as a flavoring element. Both the flavor and the perfume of the aromatic herbs and the condiments that are usually used penetrate the fibers of the food, giving it an exquisite flavor.

Salmon is an ideal example of fish for marinating. As a blue fish, it provides protein and omega 3 type fat (in addition to vitamins and minerals). Consumption of this type of fat has been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

The perfect aromatic herb for marinating salmon is dill, which gives it a delicious flavor and will give a special touch to salads and canapés in which it is included. In addition, it is a technique that does not add fat to the food, so the caloric value of the fish does not increase. In any case, marinated salmon increases the sugar and salt content, so people with hypertension or with fluid retention problems, as well as those with high blood triglycerides, should moderate their consumption.


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