How many pastel colors are there?

Light Color – Pastel Colors twelve main colors come together to form the color wheel. These are usually the primary three colors, yellow, blue and red, three secondary orange, violet and green and finally the six tertiary colors are red-orange, blue-violet, blue-gray, red violet, green . Reduced eyes and yellowish-orange. Pastel colors are usually soft, light shadows of colors, usually primary and secondary.

What are the types of pastel colors?


When it comes to the list of pastel colors, red never crosses our mind instead of pink. Pink is a combination of red and white and extremely popular. It also has a light shade which is often called tea rose, nadeshiko pink and cherry blossom pink. If you want to make pastel pink, just take the white color and keep the color red until you are pink.


White and pink colors can help turn orange into soft pastels. Some good examples of soft orange pastels are sherbet orange, apricot and atomic tangerine. Although pastel orange has a mixture of white and orange, the base of pink can also contribute to making pastel orange.


Siege-yellow or fluorescent yellow-green yellow are light colors. But when it comes to pastels, there are some pretty attractive colors. Yellow is a very bright color but by gradually adding it to the white base you can get the right shade of pastel yellow.


Honeydew and celadon are some prominent examples of pastel green although only a limited number of pastels are green. To make pastel green, you need to add green color to white base or yellow and light blue to white base. This will help you get tea green, Paris green, mint cream and so on.


Some of the major shades of blue include powder blue, sky blue, alice blue and more. You can certainly prepare it easily. All you have to do is gradually add blue to the white base.


Purple is the perfect combination of white and red. There is a list of pastel colors for purple. If you want to prepare a purple pastel color, just take the white base. Either you have to add purple to it to get lighter colors or red it slowly

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