What you should know about SpiceJet Airlines

SpiceJet Airlines – SpiceJet Airlines If you are thinking of Spice-Jet Airlines, the fourth largest airline service provider in India is one of the country’s low-cost airline service companies. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon. One of the most important and popular air service providers in India, Spice Jet is an important one. According to the latest news, the company has a market share of 13.3%.

Factual statement

Total daily flights 312
Total destination 55
Indian destination 47
International destination 7
Established 2004
commencement date 23-May-05
fleet size 59
Company slogan Red. hot. Spicy.
The centers Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad too
key people Ajay Singh (MD)
Kiran Koteshwar (CFO)
Devjo Maharishi (CMO)
Revenue 33 7,933 crore (US $ 1.1 billion) (FY 2018) increase
Net income Increase Crore 557 Crore (US $ 78 Million) (FY 2018)
Total assets Increase FY 4,109 crore (US $ 570 million) (FY 2018)
The employees 6,902 (2017)
Website spiceJet.com

The company has two locations, one at New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International Airport and the other at Hyderabad, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Trip to spicejet

Spice Jet’s journey was started in the year 1994 by Air Taxi service provider Modiluft. SpiceJet was named by entrepreneur Ajay Singh, who acquired the company in the year of 2004. Currently, Boeing 737’s fleet and Bombardier Dash are operated by the airline. The corporate affairs of SpiceJet Airlines are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Services you can expect

The SpiceJet Owners Authority provides a wide range of services provided to its passengers with the intention of increasing the comfort of travel. In the name of SpiceMax, the airline provides the following services:

  • Predetermined seats
  • extra legroom
  • Complimentary food on board
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Priority baggage handling and so on.

This airline has been chosen and also liked by a large number of people worldwide. Many ups and downs of business have already been experienced by this famous company. However, it has pulled itself up to the desired position and has also succeeded in earning trust and appreciation from its passengers. Here you can find contact details as well as website information in the following

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