What is the management of human capital

The management of human capital is fundamental because through attention to this aspect the department that manages this competence is aware that people have a capacity for growth that goes beyond the knowledge achieved so far.

While a vocational professional can stop feeling this way after years of work in a space with a work environment marked by lack of companionship and communication problems, all people want to have a working life in which happiness is A real experience Companies grow when they take care of the human factor and their employees also evolve.

Training courses

When a person feels valued by the company, their level of commitment increases. The human resources department programs training actions in order to accompany professionals in the illusion of a learning process that acquires meaning at any age. After completing the program and meeting the objectives of the agenda, attendees will have a new vision that adds theory and practice. These workshops can not only be motivated by the desire to train employees in new skills, but also by the purpose of updating some aspect already known.



The personalization and vision of each employee as a unique human being, are two premises of this approach that is strategic for the organization. Because beyond the generic interpretation of a concept, that term always reaches its greatest expression of meaning in the reference to the experience of the individual point of view. For example, there is no single way to understand motivation because those factors that may increase the commitment of some employees do not match the preferences of other team members.

The knowledge that an entity has of those who come to the office every day cannot be limited to reading the curriculum or the cover letter. But to maintain this vision it is essential to have a real interest in reaching the human level of work.

Identify talent

The choice of the person indicated in a human resources selection process organized for the hiring of a suitable profile for an employment position reflects a limiting vision of an organization, if in addition it does not invest in strengthening its own corporate branding to position itself as a development scenario that many potential workers view as a happy place to grow and evolve in collaboration with others.

If one of the most important capitals that a company has, of any type and characteristics, is human talent, an organization must invest in this legacy to take care of it and reinforce it unconditionally. Therefore, the strength of this good is that its growth is unlimited, since every human being can continue to learn every day at work until the date of retirement when he continues with this process of evolution in a new vital environment of maturity.


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