How to apologize to a customer

The customer is always right, this is a frequent premise in the philosophy of customer service. As in any type of relationship, there are circumstances in which one of the parties expresses its apologies for a certain reason. In the commercial link created between a point of sale and the person who has freely made their purchase there, there may also be a situation in which the customer expects the team to express the necessary empathy. The perception that an unsatisfied customer has of their experience can improve if they receive a response of understanding and kindness. How to perform this gesture of emotional intelligence ? Below, you can find a support guide.

Reason Identification

Although this moment may occur in different circumstances, it is essential to contextualize this response from the knowledge of reality itself. What has happened? It is difficult to have empathy from the ignorance of this data. To have this feedback, the company must listen carefully to the client to know the origin of the discomfort and when it occurred.

Social intelligence

How does a person feel when living a fact of this kind? Experience the effect of having your expectations broken, you are disappointed by the trace of disappointment. It is not only about understanding what has happened but also understanding the emotional response of who has this disenchantment.

The expression of this message is more sincere when the entity attends not only to the origin of this distance, but also to this issue.



An apology can lose its true value by expressing itself in a timely manner because when the company takes longer than expected to respond, it makes the interlocutor feel that it minimizes what has happened. The slow response fuels the client’s disenchantment and also positions the entity as a spectator rather than as a protagonist in this scenario.

Letter of apology to a client

There are different forms of communication that favor the interaction between a company and a client. In a situation of this nature, the format of the letter can be specially indicated to send personalized words to the recipient of this letter. The reader can read the content on more than one occasion.

The script of this text can show the sum of an introduction, a development and a conclusion. This act of apologizing is supported by the description of the matter that motivates this response, the responsibility to assume what happened and the approach of a solution.

The time invested in writing a clear and direct letter conveys the essence of personalization that is so decisive in resolving the conflict through the expression of apologies.

For all this, both in a relationship with a regular buyer and in the timely link with a person who makes an occasional purchase, the company can have the humility to take responsibility for those aspects to improve. Otherwise, the customer’s opinion is even more negative when a posteriori does not perceive any degree of empathy.


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