How to maintain a long distance relationship?

One of the most challenging things in life is to relate to someone who is distant! Doubts permeate our minds and we don’t know how to act to keep the fire of passion burning! There are things you should and shouldn’t do to make your boyfriend miss you and to be able to withstand the challenges that you certainly face. Pay attention to the tips below and be very happy with your cat!

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Ember to stay on fire needs firewood!

Yes, let’s put some wood in this fire so we don’t let the fire of passion go out! The relationship needs to be nurtured day by day. Contrary to what some people think, everyone likes those who ‘show’ their feelings. And simple gestures make a huge difference in the heart. So, nothing to think that there is ice, that people really like those who punish… Nothing like that! It just makes a feeling cool.

So don’t go away! Sms , messages on social networks , a little call from time to time , are small gestures that show that you are there for him and that you think about him all the time. When two people want to be together they will want to know what has happened in the other’s life and what the other has done in order to make this relationship a success.

Then, do the following:

  • Don’t leave him without your news for a long time. He needs to know that you care to warn him about what is going on in your life;
  • Do you care for him and miss him? Let him know that!
  • Every now and then send a song that you usually listen to thinking about you. Music has the power to express our real feelings when we don’t know how to say it.
  • Use the power of the internet to stay close to him. Abuse the programs and social networks that have calls and video chats, thus being present in his life, whenever possible for both.

A word of caution:

Be careful in this approach. Not everything in excess is healthy. So, give him a break every now and then. Let him breathe, go out with his friends, watch football … Let him do the things he likes without you monitoring every step. Attention is good and important, but everything has its limits. Excessive attention and affection can make you sick .

Do not confuse ‘space’ with neglect!

The point here is that every human being, being endowed with free will, needs space to live in peace. We need time to make our own choices, to command our desires and our own lives. However, you should not confuse space with neglect. You need to leave him free for a few days, for a few moments … But not long enough for him to suddenly come to imagine that you have no role in his life.

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If you go too far, you run the risk of feeling cold, or even being robbed by someone close to you. It may also happen that because you walk away, he thinks you don’t care as much as before. That is why it is necessary to know how to measure this level of attention. Not too much and not too little. It has to be tailored so that you can nurture this relationship correctly.

Beware of pride

Something that has undermined many relationships is pride. If one did not call today, the other does not. If one is online on the social network and does not speak, the other is not. It drives couples away! Someone has to give in, someone has to be an adult in that relationship and destroy that feeling when he tries to be between you. Pride only hurts, mistreats and ultimately destroys something that could have been beautiful if one of the two or both had resisted it and done what they wanted to do at the moment. Remember that it takes two sides to build a bridge, so both have a responsibility to keep it steady.

What can you do to make him miss you

Ah, the longing … This feeling, which at the same time that it hurts, fills our mind with memories of someone and of wonderful moments which we desperately want to return. It is often said that homesickness is the price you pay to live unforgettable moments. It is understood in view of this that, you need to take advantage of the moments you have with him to make them eternal . He has to remember you as someone who does it well. Someone who always brings good energy, great sensations to your life.

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As much as possible avoid talking about small problems, people and insignificant things that would only cause stress in the relationship. For nostalgia to exist, you need to make moments that you want to remember occur. It doesn’t matter if you are face to face or face to screen, you can share affection, happiness and love. Say good things, things that build. Make him find you a refuge, a lull in that sea of ​​daily afflictions.

Win the challenges

There are many challenges for those who relate at a distance :

  • Jealousy and distrust; (Jealousy: how to control and deal with this problem)
  • Grace period;
  • Repelled desires;
  • Missing;
  • Doubts about the future of the relationship;
  • Harassment of others to betray; (Learn how to prevent cheating)
  • Harassment from others to forget and end this relationship;

If we continue, the list will be very long! There are many challenges to be faced. But anyone who doesn’t try is already a loser, so don’t give up so easily on someone you love and who makes your world better. It is easy to find beauty, but two minds that connect are very difficult. If you found this, fight for that relationship and win the distance ! Do your part and take action to overcome all these obstacles that distance imposes and keep the fire of your passion burning.

How to act?

  • Don’t let others intrude on your decision. The love between man and woman for it to work out has to be lived only between them, without guesses from absolutely anyone!
  • Jealousy and distrust are things that should never exist in a distance relationship. Because this type of relationship requires the exact opposite: Security and trust!
  • The lack and repelled desires can be met with the gestures of approach described at the beginning and whenever possible with weekends close together.
  • Trust must be earned, right? If you want him to trust you, impose yourself and respect yourself. If you are looking forward to a good future in this relationship, under no circumstances give in to harassment by others to remedy the need. First because there is no guarantee that you will really like it, since the kisses will not be of love. Second, the truth always appears and it can end your plans. And third, the pain of a heavy conscience is certainly far greater than that of waiting for the right time to heal your desires.

It doesn’t matter how big the distance is between you. If they are connected through the mind and heart everything bad can be overcome. And your future may come to narrow your path, since, if the relationship has remained firm in the midst of so many setbacks from a distance, surely nothing else will be able to prevent this passion from becoming eternal.

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