How to forget someone you loved

Feeling something for someone and not being reciprocated is a common problem that stuns both women and men. Falling in love is much easier than forgetting, because the feeling comes suddenly and uninvited. However, erasing memories of a special person can take a long time. (Unrequited love: understand the reasons)

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Anyone who has been through a romantic disappointment recently must be feeling the consequences of rejection and the terrible feeling of loneliness for not being able to have the person they want by their side. As difficult as it may be in the beginning, time always takes care of completely erasing the marks of a past love, making it just about nostalgic memories.

However, it is not necessary to just have the time to forget someone, as some of your own attitudes can speed up this process. To be successful, it takes a lot of willpower and a willingness to declare war on one’s emotions and wishes. Whoever really wants to get rid of the ghosts of an old relationship or a person who has never been forgotten, should take the time to act now.

Seven things you must do to forget:

  1. Keep your mind busy. Study, pay attention to one hobby or develop another. A busy person doesn’t have much time to think about past loves.
  2. Stay open to new encounters. Meet interesting people and don’t refuse an invitation due to sadness, depression or lack of courage.
  3. Go out with friends and enjoy time with them. Make new friends and keep your schedule full of social event appointments.
  4. Divert the thought as soon as you realize you are thinking about it. Think immediately of someone better, more beautiful, caring and with more qualities than the person who does not leave your mind.

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  1. Focus on current goals. Be it study, work or personal projects, make a list of things you should do and things you would like to do. Take your time solving the written items.
  2. Discover new places. See what events are happening near you. Go to the theater, clubs, bars and discover new environments that help restore good mood and mood.
  3. Get involved with someone else. The rule that one love heals the other is true and one of the best ways to forget someone.

Seven things to avoid:

  1. If you want to forget someone, avoid knowing about them. Control curiosity and don’t look for news of him with acquaintances or on social networks. The more you know the more difficult it will be to forget. (10 tips to forget a great love)
  2. Don’t let any negative feelings dominate your actions. Fight yourself to do different things and don’t refuse any invitations.
  3. If you go out with another person, don’t compare that person to the love of the past, whether for good or for bad. Remember that the suitor now has nothing to do with your problem and it can even be offensive to compare it with someone who is no longer part of your life.
  4. Do not let the experience with love that failed work influence your relationships from now on. Don’t be afraid to get involved and fall in love again, because fear can make you miss great opportunities.

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  1. Don’t create expectations with small signs that occur. If you suddenly discover that he has become single, or if you receive an unexpected message, don’t let this fool you. Expectations can cause a further fall and delay the process of forgetting.
  2. Be sure to appreciate yourself because the past relationship did not work. If he didn’t know how to take the chance, it is his problem and he is the one who is losing and not you.
  3. Avoid going to places that make you think of him. Whether it’s a bar you went to or a street you always saw him go through.

How to get rid of the feeling?

Getting actions to control emotions and not the other way around is the best way to allow the feeling to go away faster. However, the process will not happen overnight and you need to be patient to see the results. The more you act to lift the mood and enjoy life, the easier it will be to forget.

However, forgetting does not always mean the same as getting rid of the feeling, as it is possible that there is something inside you. If the passion was very strong, you will always have some feeling for him, even if it is not as before. This feeling can be a respect, a special affection or a reminder of the good times.

Do not be in a hurry to completely erase it from your life, as the most important thing is that this passion of the past does not disturb you or prevent you from experiencing new things. So, make an effort now so that your heart is free and without any dependence on a person who is left behind.

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