What does the Bible say about adultery?

n the Ten Commandments, the Bible prohibits adultery ( Deuteronomy 5:18 ). There is no justification for adultery. All adultery is a sin and must be confessed with repentance to receive forgiveness.

Adultery happens when a married person has relationships with someone who is not their spouse. The Bible is very clear about adultery – it is sin . Whether committed by a husband or wife, adultery is very serious.

Marriage was created by God to be enjoyed between a man and a woman, with an exclusive commitment. In marriage, the two swear allegiance to one another before God. Adultery is a violation of the covenant with a spouse, with possible children and with God ( Malachi 2: 13-15 ).

Infidelity in marriage is something that God hates. No one has the right to separate what God has united ( Matthew 19: 6 ). In the Old Testament, punishment for adultery was the death of both the adulterer and the person with whom he had adulterated.

Adultery comes from the heart

Many people make excuses for their adulterous behavior:

  • My spouse doesn’t love me
  • I have no satisfaction in my marriage
  • My life in marriage is unbearable
  • I can’t control myself

But for all these excuses the Bible says: adultery is still a sin! The solution to problems in marriage is not adultery. Try to repair your marriage, not destroy it further.

It is not the fault of the spouse. The adulterer is to blame. Adultery comes from within and begins with a heart turned to wrong things. Jesus said that the man who looks at a woman with desire has already committed adultery with her in his heart ( Matthew 5: 27-28 ).

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I committed adultery, what do I do?

Ask for forgiveness and stop tampering. Adultery is not an unforgivable sin. God always forgives those who repent ( 1 John 1: 9 ). Repentance means deciding to change your life.

It is also important to ask your spouse for forgiveness. Try to change your life and reconcile with your spouse. This can be very difficult and painful but it is the best thing to do. Your marriage is valuable, don’t throw it away! Take the right action.

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