The luxury of the Gamo G-FORCE TAC air rifle

The Gamo G-FORCE TAC Compressed Air Rifle is a pressurized carbine with a folding barrel and a full body of polymer, an ultra resistant plastic and of the highest quality.

The Spanish brand Gamo presents a revolutionary weapon , with a chamber inspired by popular rifles such as the AR-15.

Radically evading the traditional idea that sniper rifles should be a reflection of hunting weapons , with the G-FORCE TAC a rifle-style sniper carbine. A model that does not go unnoticed, such as those used in action movies or even war games.

The carbine has tactical synthetic polymer material, anatomical grip, which generates greater firmness. Shooting system, vertical adjustment and horizontal adjustment on the handle.

It has 20mm rails to attach accessories like telescopes and red dots . Features an adjustable and removable bit set. It has a very light trigger, made of polymer, with manual adjustment and safety lock. Spring-loaded action.

It is 95 cm long, is equipped with a steel coil spring and performs initial speeds of 160 m / s with an energy of 7.5 joules.

Gamo G-FORCE TAC Compressed Air Rifle with tactical design recommended for the youngest.

Its tactical rifle design does not go unnoticed and breaks with the classic design of air rifles . This rifle with an assault rifle design and a folding barrel is suitable for young shooters , since it has a limited power of 7.5 joules, which makes it more precise than powerful.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Anti-shock fiber
  • Force less than 7.5 joules
  • Ventilated rubber


  • Metal muzzle with muzzle
  • Fluted barrel
  • Manual insurance


  • Tactical design
  • Ergonomic design


  • With picatinny strip
  • Open sights

Without a doubt the design of the G-Force TAC will not go unnoticed by anyone , this new model radically breaks with the idea that a compressed air carbine has to be the reflection of a hunting weapon, now with the G-Force TAC a compressed air carbine is the reflection of an assault rifle.

Without a doubt a carbine worthy of having and of course with the full Gamo guarantee.



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