The main advantages of telescopic sights

Telescopic sights are optical devices designed to facilitate and improve the precision of the impacts of projectiles fired by firearms. Or even compressed air weapons, especially in long range shooting.


If you practice sports shooting or hunting , a telescopic sight will help you gain an advantage over the competition and have better shooting precision to achieve your goal.

One of the most important factors influencing the shooting experience is the range this equipment offers.

If this concept did not exist, shooters would not feel comfortable on the field.

And they could be too exposed to the animal or too far away for a real shot opportunity.

The use of sights , especially in long weapons, has been around for a long time, as it is known to exist since the 17th century, rustic instruments, the truth. But only from 1835 to 1840 are American inventors Morgan James and William Malcolm known to have developed their telescopic sights with relative success and good performance.

In fact, around 1855, Malcolm is credited with creating the first telescopic sight with an internally adjustable reticle.

The sights developed by Malcolm became standard in military use in the USA. USA Around the Civil War (1860-1865), where they were used by snipers of the time.

The advantages of a telescopic sight, such as riflescopes , compared to conventional sights are very great, due to several peculiarities, the most important of which is the magnification factor, that is, the advantage of “getting closer” to the shooter. its objective.

With the use of telescopic sights for carbines , targets that are further away will get closer to the shooter, giving him the space and comfort necessary to shoot whenever he wants.

Telescopic sights improve shooting accuracy

Telescopic sights optical devices designed to facilitate and improve shooting accuracy.

Made with any type of weapon, be it high-power compressed air or even fire.

The goal in using a telescopic sight is to ensure that the sniper reaches his target with the least amount of time and attempts possible. This means that the chances of having a higher level of precision with a telescopic sight are much greater than not having any type of optical device.

Models we recommend with the Martinez Albainox guarantee

The first is about Albainox telescopic 4x magnification 20 mm diameter, including mount, ideal for weapons.

Another model is Albainox telescopic sight 3 to 7 times magnification 20 mm diameter, includes mount, ideal for rifle.

All shooters investing in a telescopic sight are interested in increasing the distance from which they shoot.

The sensation of shooting from a distance is undoubtedly a safety factor.

It contributes to increasing the skill and precision of shooting capabilities.

Using a telescopic sight helps make you a better marksman.

And it will exponentially increase your skill and precision, which are essential conditions to increase your self-esteem.


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