Lunchbox Ideas for Children

The lunchbox is essential in feeding children, we must stop seeing it as if it were a snack for recess, the lunchbox must be healthy and must also ensure the supply of energy and nutrients you need to fulfill all the tasks of the day.

As parents we must take children’s lunchbox very seriously , we must leave empty calories behind, food that does not provide them with nutrients or full of sugar.

The lunchbox should carry nutritious, light foods and fruits and vegetables, you should also bring whole grains, foods that have a small amount of sugar and salt and finally something to drink, preferably a natural drink or water.

Keep in mind that the lunchbox is not a replacement for any meal of the day, the child should have a normal breakfast before leaving home, and depending on the school day lunch and dinner at home.

Lunchbox Ideas for Children

  1. Fruit salad with condensed milk:an excellent option, fruits are rich in vitamins and fiber and condensed milk love them, make sure they are fresh fruits and add lemon drops so they do not oxidize. You can change the condensed milk for honey or yogurt.
  2. Homemade hamburger:prepare an exquisite homemade hamburger with vegetables such as tomato and lettuce, as we know that sauces can not be missing, choose only one. The meat of the hamburger can be beef, chicken or even lentils.
  3. Fruitcompotes :another excellent option for them to eat fruits in a different and fun way, preparing compotes at home is very easy, you just have to cook the fruit, add sugar, liquefy and go.
  4. Sandwich: itis a very versatile idea since you can use different ingredients every day, including cheese, vegetables, and you can vary with protein such as shredded chicken with mayonnaise, tuna, turkey ham, shredded meat, etc. You can also combine with other vegetables such as purple lettuce, avocado, etc.
  5. Potato omelette:practical and very easy to make, it is an idea that allows us to include potatoes, eggs and if you want you can add some protein too, prepare it with olive oil to make it healthier.
  6. Tacos: theyare very easy to make and as in the sandwich you can vary the ingredients every day, it includes a protein, cheese and vegetables. Try chicken tacos, meat and tuna, chop the tomato, try the yellow cheese and you can also make a hard-boiled egg and grate it, they will surely love it.


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