What Is Luddism;10 Facts You Must Know

The word Luddism refers to a popular movement that emerged in England in the early nineteenth century , led by artisans who protested against the growing use of machines in the production process especially threshers and looms.They considered that development of machine technology destroyed the human employment.The Luddites were also called “Machine Breakers”, as they were characterized by the invasion of factories, destroying existing equipment in the machine work environment.

With the increase of the industrial machines in the factories, the labor force was being replaced fastly. It caused thousands of unemployed. Soon after, the workers reacted with the movement of machine break: in the year 1811, many workers invaded the factories at night and broke the machines with hammer blows.

For these workers, the machines became the main responsible for the situation of exploitation and of unemployment in which they were. Machine-breaking workers became known as Luddites. Loudness quickly spread from England to other European countries.

Repercussion in the world

Ludivism was not an exclusively English phenomenon, with similar movements occurring in Belgium, Rhineland, Switzerland and Silesia.

Ludist songs

“And night comes back night when everything is quiet
and the moon hides behind the hill
We march to perform our will
With finds, spear or rifle
Oh my brave cutters
Those who with a single blow
break with the cutting machines
The great Enoch will direct our vanguard
Who will dare to stop it?
Above all, all brave men,
With strike, spear and rifle
Oh my brave cutters … ”
ludic song ” Brave ludits we are, for the breaking we eats! ”
” God save Ned Lud! ”
” Machines to hell, we want our dignity! ”
” Breaking is good, join us and save Europe! ”
” Break! Break! Break or die working! ”
“Monsters of industrialism, we want you broken!”
“Machines to the ground!”
“Crash! Crash! Bang! Bang! The sound of freedom these are! ”
” Break one, break two, break three, break all! All ”
” Bravos Luddites are, for the break we go! ”
” God save Ned Lud ”
” machines to hell, we want our dignity! ”
” Breaking is good, join us and saved Europe! ”
” Break! Break or die working! ”
” Monsters of industrialism, we want you broken! ”
” Machines to the floor! ”
” Crash! Hit! Bang Bang! These are the sound of freedom! ”
” Break one, break two, break three, break everything! All!”

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