10 Characteristics of halogen Lamps Everyone Must Know

Halogen lamp creates rich contrasts and illuminate spaces with a clean and bright environment.These are lamps that use a tungsten system.The halogen lighting is bright and radiant to the surfaces and more vibrant to the colors.

Characteristics of halogen lamps

  • Constant flow that is maintained almost during the life of the lamp.
  • Long – lasting . Lasts 2.5 times more than a normal incandescent reflector lamp.
  • Bright white light with natural color reproduction.
  • Excellent light efficiency (more light, less energy).
  • Compact size.

Types of halogen lamps

The following are some of the most used halogen lamps:

  • Bi-pin
  • G9
  • Quartz
  • Dicroic
  • PAR 20
  • PAR 30
  • PAR 38
  • AR 111

Enjoy more brightness with halogen lighting

Do you need an instant start with maximum brightness? Would you like to adjust the amount of light to your needs?

Halogen lights are ideal for you:

  • Superior light quality with excellent color reproduction (Ra = 100)
  • Fully adjustable (from 0 to 100%) at any brightness level
  • Instant light, without heating time
  • Low replacement costs thanks to its long service life
  • Compact size, simple adjustment
  • Longer lifespan than conventional incandescent bulbs

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can be sure of finding the right focus for your needs.

Operating principle

The operating principle of incandescent lamps is very simple. It is based on passing current through the filament, increasing its temperature until it emits radiation in the visible spectrum.

Auxiliary equipment

This type of lamps do not require auxiliary equipment. They can be connected directly to the network since the intensity that passes through them and the applied voltage are proportional.

Effect of variations in network voltage

The variations of the mains voltage on the lamp affect the current, the luminous flux and the power in the lamp.

To conclude, we can indicate that the halogen lamp is the type of lighting essential for buildings of the tertiary sector and exterior lighting. To illuminate the interior of our house, where we are turning lights on and off continuously, we must resort to other options of light energy.

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