Love You;5 Myth You Must Know

I’m still not sure if this is Love You;, but what I know is that I enjoy the moments that I spend around you. I know that by being with you I am even happier, since you make me forget that there is a world around us.I can enjoy the moments when you and I become the same being, since the smell of your skin is impregnated in my body. Those moments are, in which your arms protect me from the cold and in which there is no person who comes between us.

I don’t know if this is about love you. But when you’re not around I really miss you and what I want the most in those moments is to see you and tell you “I miss you.I don’t know if it’s loving you. Defend yourself from other people and tell them that you are the most wonderful being I have ever known or maybe smile when your image comes to my thoughts or lose myself in your gaze and melt into the warmth of your body.

Love You;5 Facts You Must Know

Loving yourself is respecting yourself as you are and recognizing your weaknesses and your shortcomings in order to overcome them.

Loving yourself is feeling good about who you are and having a general feeling that what you do is okay and that you are a good person.

Loving you is admitting that you are imperfect but unique and valuable.

Loving yourself is knowing that you deserve to be respected, loved and valued by others.

Loving yourself is knowing what you want in life and striving to obtain it.

Loving yourself is comforting yourself, comforting yourself and knowing that whatever happens, you will never give up.

Loving you is taking care of your body, your health, your belongings and your dreams.

Loving yourself is believing that you are an important person and that you have a purpose for being here.

Loving you is feeling that you deserve to be, have and do the best of the best.

Loving yourself is being considerate of the interests of others, but never putting them ahead of your own.

Loving you is having compassion for yourself. It is not feeling sorry for yourself, but understanding that if you make a mistake, you forgive yourself and try again to do the best you can.

Love You;5 Facts You Must Know

  • Loving you is feeling that my life belongs to you completely without any condition or restriction.
    • Loving you is asking God every day when you wake up, to take care of you during the day and before going to bed ask Him to take care of your dreams.
    • Loving you is listening to all your stories, your fears, your doubts, your anger, your jokes, your advice, your follies and everything you have to tell me without missing a single detail.
    • Loving you is thinking about yourself 24 hours a day, dreaming about you, making plans for the future and living yourself to the full.
    • Loving you is wanting to be a better person for you, to give you back a little of everything you give me. Well, if I’m fine, you’re fine and vice versa.
    • Loving you is keeping your smile in my mind, it is remembering it constantly, and even more so in my sad days or of total stress.
    • Loving you is losing myself in your unforgettable eyes, knowing that my happiness is reflected in them, that they fill my soul and heart.
    • Loving you is finding my calm and my peace in the whisper of your voice to calm my fears or my madness.
    • Loving you is knowing that there is no better place in the world than to be by your side. Well, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.
    • Loving you is remembering that I have you close every time we part. Remembering that you will always be there despite your temporary absences, is knowing that you are unconditional and that you will always be there.
    • Loving you is knowing that what I love most about you is seeing you smile, that it is the best thing in the world and my favorite thing when I am with you. That in each smile of yours you reflect rainbows of beautiful colors just for me. You are the most important thing in my life and when I am with you there is nothing or nobody, only you.
    • Loving you is knowing that I have the best man in the world by my side.
  • Loving you is thinking about having a home and forming a great family, with a few children who look like you and have your beautiful eyes as a gift. May we love each other until the end of our days.
    • Loving you is having confidence and security in yourself, it is accepting your flaws and virtues. It is to be able to solve with words any problem or concern. It is knowing that I count on you through thick and thin.
    • Loving you is definitely the most beautiful gift that God has sent me, you are my angel, my heaven and my everything.
  • Loving you is having the certainty of a life full of love and happiness for the rest of our lives.


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