List of all Starpoint Gemini 2 achievements

List of all Starpoint Gemini 2 achievements

  • Overly overt overkill

Destroy an enemy with 100% shields and hull in less than 3 seconds.

  • No more heroes

Defeat all heroes in one playthrough.

  • Ground zero

Crash into the planet.

  • Who wants to be a …

Earn 10,000,000 credits.

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide

Complete the exploration of the entire Gemini system.

  • Manic mechanic

Upgrade all systems of the ship.

  • Spacehopper

Go through the wormhole.

  • What? It’s not like they need it anymore

Rob the poor.

  • Catch the wave dude

Leap using the T-motor.

  • Swashbuckler

Capture the ship.

  • Gratuitous gunner

Cause 500,000 damage points.

  • Amazing Asteroid Annihilator

Generate 500 asteroids.

  • Shipping magnate

Dock 10 or more ships at the same time.

  • Freelancer

Complete 20 independent missions.

  • Down to the wire

Survive the battle with less than 5% of the hull points remaining.

  • Storyteller

Complete the main storyline.

  • Tomb raider

Find all artifacts.

  • You da boss!

Command two mercenary ships and three fighter squadrons at the same time.

  • No galaxy for old men

Defeat 15 Veterans.

  • Homewrecker

Complete the mission “At the End of the Empire”.

  • Red baron in space

Blow up 100 ships.

  • Rebel strike

Blow up 10 Empire ships.

  • Prison break

Successfully complete the raid on a prison outside the world with your troops.

  • Gemini barbecue

Purchase a batch of meat and liquor, and then fly up to the sun until the ship is fried.

  • Coup de grâce

Complete the “Two Faces” mission.

  • There and back again

Complete the “Giant Leap” mission.

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