Left Alive Guide, Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Left Alive guide. Here you will find tips to survive the Square Enix adventure that combines stealth and action.

Set in Novo Slava, a city ravaged by war, Left Alive makes players rely on the most basic instincts to carve their own path to survival through stealth , item crafting, traps and more.

The dark and raw world of Left Alive is not without its challenges as players will have to weigh the possible consequences of their interactions with other survivors that can positively or negatively affect their chances of survival.

The keys

Survival and stealth before action

It is a survival game that invites us to take control of three different protagonists, each one on a different side and faction. His argument will take us to a country on the brink of collapse , an event that happened between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved, the most recent installments of the series.

After a tragic incident, the player will be completely abandoned in the streets at war, while a warlike conflict begins on an international scale. The setting, unlike in other chapters of the series, is much more realistic and contemporary, throwing a credibility link to the user, who will see how giant robots, called Wanzers, roam freely between the buildings of a huge city.

Main features

  • Choose how you want to play: get into frenzied gun battles or take out your enemies with stealth and ingenuity. Set traps, collect and craft consumables to survive as you explore a city ravaged by the atrocities of war.
  • Discover the whole story behind this war through three different characters. As you progress through the game, the story will take you down different paths that will force you to make drastic decisions with dire consequences.
  • Decision making. Facing the enemy is not the only way to survive. It is also vital to manage risk – that is, knowing when to avoid enemies and when to employ indirect tactics, such as setting traps. And finally, when it is absolutely impossible to avoid a confrontation, the variety of tricks and options at your disposal will be the key to ensuring survival.
  • Use of gadgets. Firearms are very effective in combat, but in Left Alive there are very few situations where you have enough ammunition to use them. Therefore, the gadgets that you can design are especially important. These include a sensor that lets you find out the position of nearby enemies even through obstacles, explosive bombs that can deal heavy damage to multiple opponents, or wire traps to trap enemies.

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