Lectures in formulating a stress policy

Smoking policy is being made on a large scale in Denmark at the moment. Many of these smoking policies are simple because it is so specific with smoke and because so many studies suggest that smoking is unlikely to be dangerous. Therefore, there are smoking policies that understandably include a ban on smoking.

And smoking policies and alcohol policies are usually simple to formulate, precisely because a ban can be imposed and it can very clearly be defined to what extent smoke and alcohol must be part of an environment in a workplace.

However, the situation is different with stress.

If we could put a ban on it and say that it is forbidden to be stressed, it would be liberating, but that is not the reality.
It’s just that with stress, to the same extent as smoke and alcohol, there are a wealth of studies and experiences that point out how harmful stress is to the individual’s health and quality of life, as well as studies that point out that stress has an absolutely negative impact on a workplace ..


Everything points to the fact that it is just as valuable to formulate a stress policy as it is to have an alcohol policy and a smoking policy. But the good question that swirls in the air is:
How do you design a stress policy?

I would like to give my opinion on that.

I give lectures on stress policing.
As an inspiration and an appetizer, precisely to be able to formulate a constructive and transparent stress policy in the workplace.

A lecture on stress policy includes:

  • The need for a stress policy.
  • What does science say about stress, future scenarios.
  • What should a stress policy include.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Stress prevention, how.
  • Accountability.
  • Communication and evaluation.
  • Security and transparency.
  • Culture and culture carrier.
  • Everyday life and peak loads.
  • Success criteria.

Stress policy is not about bans, but about stress reduction, prevention, management and evaluation. And should include a set of rules, transparent and affordable, that can be used, both in everyday life at work and in stressful situations.

Every management will quickly be able to notice a boost and progress, precisely when stress is taken seriously, so that it is not only the individual employee who experiences having to deal with their own stress.

If you are interested in hearing more about a lecture on stress policy, Uni Coaching can be contacted. Preferably via email.

by Abdullah Sam
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